Happy Halloween, yo.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last night, some of my favorite kiddos stopped by the house for special Halloween treats that my momma made for them. They were dressed up as Thing 1 & Thing 2 (duh). It was so freaking precious. (That's their dad in the first picture with them) I absolutely love Halloween - but I've never dressed up for it before. Except that one time in 6th grade when I was a flapper. But that doesn't count. :)
Now, if you'll excuse me... I've gotta get my Kesha on. :)


muh bestie's in town.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some say it is impossible to have more than one best friend.
To those people.... I say, suck it. Because I have the 3 best friends anyone could ever ask for.
One of these best friends, Cassie, moved away a few months ago for college. It is extremely hard not seeing her every single day, like I used to. But... she's back in town for Halloween! We hung out last night... and this is the product of not seeing each other for 2 months:

we get pretty silly late at night. Really silly. Obviously.

Anyways... I had to work this morning, and this evening, so I had a 5 hour block of time that I could do whatever, so instead of going home and cleaning my room, and showering, and all that good stuff... I went to Springfield to see Elsie's new store! The new Red Velvet is huuuge, and beautiful. I'm going to miss The Style... but then I just remember that most of their stock is in RV now. So... there's nothing to miss! Emma's bubble tea was fabulous, and I can't wait to bring my friends. :)

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20 (I think): Nicknames.
I don't have many.
....that's all. :)

30 Days of Truth: Day 9: Someone you didn't want to let go.
Technically, I'd say I didn't really let her go - but she really did drift away; we both did. I miss her a lot every now and then. Her sister is having a baby in a few month, and there's a possibility of her moving back to Missouri to help out with the baby... and I really, really hope she does.

Happy Halloween!!
I'm dressing up as Ke$ha. For real style.
What are you doing for Halloween?! :)
xo. Haley

I should be studying.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I wore this yesterday:
and I felt cute. (owl shirts, Pac Sun; black sweater, I have no idea - stole it from my momma; high waist shorts, F21; tights, Target, I think?; boots... not sure about those either).
I love walking into work and seeing my boss's reaction to what I'm wearing. She usually says something to the effect of "you're cute... but crazy." I love her.
Today: I am so tired. I don't know why I can't ever fall asleep at night. I watch Parks and Recreation every night - that's probably what's keeping me up; as soon as I put in Donnie Darko - I'm completely out. I can't keep my eyes open during that movie, unless I'm watching it during the day. Silly.
There are so many creepy people at OTC. There was this one time that a guy came up and randomly wanted to have a full on conversation with me. I thought he was just being nice and that was cool and all. He finally left me alone - and then he came back, 5 minutes later. And then Tuesday, it happened again. This time, though, he wanted to talk about if I'd ever been proposed to before. WTF, I'm NOT going to talk about this with you, creepy guy! I don't like this school very much...

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18: Something you regret.
I don't feel like I should regret much - after all, I'm only 19. But I think that I do regret a few "minor" things that have happened so far.
I regret not going to college at a university. I want the "real" college experience. I look at 2 of my friends that chose to go away for school and I see all the pictures on Facebook, and see all the fun that they are having, and it makes me sad that I didn't choose this for myself. Of course, I realize it's not too late. Actually, I was just reading an email from my advisor at Southeast, and she said that if I want to be at that school by January, I just need to have my paperwork done by the beginning of December. So, I mean, it's definitely not too late for me to change this. But for this semester, at least, that has been a big regret of mine.
Another is that I never really took high school seriously. To me, it was just something I had to do every day. I never saw it as something that would effect college. Which is absolutely silly (and stupid) on my part. I failed a ton of classes my first 2 years of h.s. and so that really messed me up for the first few years of college. My senior year of high school, I was in a math class full of sophomores and juniors. It was absolutely ridiculous.

30 Days of Truth: Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living.
Easy. Jesus Christ.
Every day, I wake up, and I owe it all to Him. I am alive every single day because of Christ. He sacrificed so much that I could live. Someone died just for me, so that I could live. I owe my all to Jesus Christ - He is my rock. He makes this life worth living.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.
Tomorrow is work day for me, and I couldn't be more excited. The little trick-or-treaters are coming and I get to dress up and hand out candy! I'm so stoked. PLUS, tomorrow my Cassie comes back! Only for the weekend though (lame). So she and I are gonna hang out when I get off work Saturday night, watch the movie Candy (one of Heath Ledger's best), and lock ourselves in a room, and paint. Just like old times. That's the fun thing about having a friend that goes away for college - when they come back, you have so much to catch up on, but its almost as if they haven't been gone at all. We've only really talked once since the last time she came back. We skyped for nearly 2 hours, and then we've texted here and there every so often. But I'm so excited to be spending REAL time with her. I've missed her :)


Last Night and other thing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last night, I was supposed to watch these movies...
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
BUT, I only made it through Big Fish. So tonight, I'll try again. :)
Big Fish was... good. I like Tim Burton. Correction, I love Tim Burton. So this was a near perfect film for me. Everything in it was so pretty. It was just cute.
Colby tells me that Moon is confusing, but I think I'll like it... and I've seen bits & pieces of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus - my little brother Tucker loves it. He's seen it multiple times, its adorable. I wanted to wait to see this with Cassie because a) we have Heath Ledger Remembrance Days, in which we watch a Heath movie we've never seen before, so we wanted to see this together and b) TOM. WAITS. sigh. we like Tom Waits a lot.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17: Something you're looking forward to.
  • The semester to be over. I generally dislike the majority of my classes. I think my English class is the only one I have the patience to sit through.
  • A trip to New York City with my best friend Breigh sometime in the (near) future.
  • The return of Miss Cassie this weekend! I love it when she comes home from college:)
  • My NEW Toms to get to my house! (I just found out that I won Michelle's Toms Giveaway. She's the best!) :)))
  • Dressing up (as an owl!) at the Tea Room this weekend to hand out candy to cute little trick or treaters :)
  • Harry Potter movie marathon with Colby, Blake & Sara!! This is just an idea I had while waiting for Paranormal Activity 2 to start the other night, and I think Blake & Sara are in on the idea too :) Colby, however... haha:)
30 Days of Truth: Day 6: Something you hope you never have to do.
I hope that I will never have to go to a funeral for one of my brothers.
This is one of my worst fears. My dad lost one of his brothers when he was my age, and I don't know how he handled that, I still don't know how he handles it today. My grandma also lost both of her brothers within a year of each other back when she was in college. It is so sad to hear her say every so often, "I wonder what Jack would be like..."
I love my brothers so much and to have to do something like that.. I don't know if I could.

I am sooo stinking tired! And I have to work today... which is a-ok. I would just like to sleep a little longer... good thing I still have 2 hours before I have to get up! :)
Enjoy your day :)

xo Haley

my week is all screwed up.

All day yesterday, I thought it was Tuesday. And today, all morning, I've been thinking it's Monday. So weird. Yesterday, I was all excited for the Rocky Horror episode of Glee, and then got super upset that it wasn't on. And then today, I keep thinking that The Event is on tonight, which really - it was on last night, and I missed it. Uh, lame. Looks like I'll be on Hulu in between classes today.

This morning, after my first class (which gets out before 10...which means I'm waking up around 6 just to get to class on time), I had coffee with my good friend Taylor. I met him my political science class, and he's the coolest. For real, he plays tennis and works at PacSun. He's way awesome. So we had coffee and talked about my crafting skills, and my obsession with owls (he got me a shirt from PacSun with owls on it. I looove it), and he made me an origami owl. Told ya he was cool.
Right now I'm blogging in math. I started taking notes..and then gave up. I don't like this class anymore.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16: Dream house.
I have 2 dream houses. And they are both in the town that I live in. One is just really silly, and the other, I'd legitimately live in.
(the silly one)
(the one i'd live in)
I love my town. It has some of the prettiest old houses around, and they are all in the same general part of town, so its so cool to just take a walk and look at all the pretty homes. I love it here.

30 Days of Truth: Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life.
Something I hope to do? Live in New York City.
I'm such a small town girl, I can't imagine living anywhere other than where I live now. But I know that someday I"ll have to move away, and funny enough, I want to live in a huge city where no one really knows their neighbor.
I went to NYC for a few days back in June, and I fell in love. It is the most beautiful, most exciting, most alive city I've ever been to before. It is amazing. Beyond amazing.
I'm hoping that when I'm done with college, I can just up and move, and start a new life on my own. As scary as that sounds right now, I can't wait to do this. I'm up for the challenge of being completely on my own; I can't wait.
if you could live in any city, where would you live? :) xo haley

random assortment of things.

Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15: favorite Bible verse.
I posted about this verse a while back, and how it has specific meaning to me, and that I want it tattooed on me, someday (post-children, I think).
"For I bear on my body the scars the show I belong to Jesus Christ."
-Galatians 6:17
30 Days of Truth: Day 4: something I need to forgive someone else for.
This is probably the hardest topic so far. I hate having to admit that I need to forgive someone, to admit that they hold something over me that causes me constant hurt. I have 3 people in mind (I'm not going to name any names) that I need to just... let go of. Over the years, my relationships with these people have gotten messy and complicated, to the point that I feel I can't be friends with them anymore, yet I still hold onto these people. One of them was one of my very best friends for a few years. She and I called each other "twin" because we were so much alike; basically the same person. Over time, we both changed. Life happened to both of us, and we were no longer compatible as friends. She moved closer to me (she lived 6 hours away when we first met), but things were still different. Slowly, we've starting talking again. I long to have that friendship we used to have, but I know that things
are way past that point and I can't have that anymore. But I'm ok with that. I need to let go of who she used to be, and who I used to be, and accept a new friendship with her.
The other two are (drumroll...) boys. Of course. One of them is a very, very important guy to me. Or was, at least. He became one of my closest friends, over time, and its hard not having him to talk to about things that are going on in my life. A lot of stuff happened between us that was definitely not okay, and crying yourself to sleep at night, is not okay either. He caused a lot of hurt, but its something that just needs to be let go of. I'll never move on if I can't truly forgive him and be okay with what happened.
The other guy? He's just a douche. Who likes parking garages. (Haha, I can only imagine how Colby is reacting to that. Hahaha)
I just really need to forgive these people, forget what happened, and move on.
Easier said than done.

Done with the heavy stuff, thank goodness!
Now, onto music..
1. "Zebra" - Beach House. 2. "Agoraphobia" - Deerhunter.
3. "Home" - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. 4. "We Own the Sky" - M83.
1. "What's In It For" - Avi Buffalo. 2. "Post Acid" - Wavves.
3. "You've Got the Love" - Florence & the Machine (The xx Remix). 4. "5 Years Time" - Noah & the Whale

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
These are just a few of the songs that have been in (constant) rotation on my iTunes, lately. I was having a .. "discussion" (read: argument) last night, about how the band Wavves doesn't exactly fit me and the type of music I listen to. I've been a (mild) fan of Wavves since earlier this past summer, and I find it to be only summer music for me now. I can't just listen to Wavves year round now, and same goes for other music as well: I can only listen to Joanna Newsom in the fall, I can only listen to Regina Spektor or Kate Nash in the winter. I don't know why things are this way, but I can't stand to listen to them any other time of the year. But this playlist is just a mix of the songs I love (a lot) right now. Some of it is my "autumn" music, some of it is my "summer" music. It's all good. :)



Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14: a picture of something you love.
Lets seeeee. I have quite a few favorite pictures! But I'll narrow it down to a few..
this is just about the cutest picture of my life. This was taken back in March at Erin's birthday party. We all had the greatest time, and it was fun just hanging out and decorating cupcakes, and taking photos with Erin & Will. :) I miss these girls though.. I haven't seen them in nearly 8 months! (p.s. Jamie & Janel - I'm coming to St. Louis like, asap, I promiseeee!)
Best friend Breighann & I took this yesterday. She came over for a few hours and we hung out and played on our macs and talked and listened to Beyonce. This is what we do when we're together. :)

30 Days of Truth: Day 3: Something you need to forgive yourself for.
There are a ton of "regrets" that I have in my life. A ton. Too many.
But I think in a general sense, I just need to forgive myself for even having regrets in the first place. We only live once, and we don't have the time to worry about the times we messed up and what we wish we could do over. These are things I worry about quite often - what could I have done to prevent this from happening? What could I have done differently? Its so pointless to worry about this. All of my regrets are in God's Hands, not my own. So I need to learn to get over this and just live life. When I mess up, its all up to God, not me.

DUDE. You NEED to watch Kanye's short film, 'Runaway.' I know that normal people don't have 35 minutes to spend watching an extra long rap video, but for real. It is absolutely beautiful. He is a genius. Even if people don't like him, he's brilliant. The colors, the story, the music, it's all amazing.
(Oh! And this is the edited version for you! Enjoy!) :))
Have a grrreat Sunday:)


Goals & Love

Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13: Goals
I have so many goals, dreams, and things I want to accomplish. Here's the shortened version of my list:
- get married/have kids before 30 (I know, I can't rush such important things like this.. but really. I don't want kids after 30. If I don't have them before then, I'd rather not have them at all. Kinda sad, lame, and pathetic, I know).
- own a cupcakery. Not just ANY cupcakery, but a Mary Poppins themed cupcakery (this, though, I've realized will be something I want to do when my kiddos are school-age, and I have the time to work on a project like this).
- go to a "real" college, get a degree in business (I want to be able to know what I'm doing when starting my own business, and a business degree, I'd say, is the best way to go about that. Haha).
- go back to OTC, eventually, and finish the Baking Arts program (so, you know, I can own my cupcake heaven).
- move to New York City for a few years (this would be perfect for the type of business I will want after college (which I'll get to in a second) and it would also be perfect for the first few years of no-children married life).
- own a creative/handmade business aimed towards wedding decor. I first noticed that a job like this was even possible when I found The Flashdance where I was then introduced to Ashley Meaders, who does event designing. She's seriously so cool, and a total inspiration, and the reason I want to go into that realm of crafting & creating (I have decided that I am not the kind of person who can choose one career, and be happy with that for the rest of my life, so... yeah. I'll probably have multiple careers. We'll see).
So there's my list of (large) goals. These are all very big goals that I'm very set on accomplishing. :)

30 Days of Truth: Day 2: Something you love about yourself.
Ha, it seems I found the right words to express what I don't like about myself much, much easier than finding the words to say what I actually like. I used to like my collarbones. They used to be very prominent, and then I, ahem, got a dose of my genetics all of a sudden, and they aren't as prominent as they used to be. Shucks.
What do I like... hmm...
I like my eyes. I don't like that I have awful vision. But I love the grey tone to my eyes. And if I cry a lot, they turn a really pretty aqua color. Haha, I wish they were like that even when I don't cry though.
I guess I also like how when I get really into something, I become very passionate and dedicated to it. I love that. I commit myself to projects and can be a perfectionist at times. Occasionally it can become a problem, but most of the time it works to my advantage.
That's all I can really think of for now.

Last night I cleaned up my room and watched a movie.
This movie was called Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus.
Wow, wow, wow. Most depressing movie I've seen in a while.
I was at first intrigued by it because it was about the photographer Diane Arbus who took fantastically disturbing portraits of people. Nicole Kidman portrayed her wonderfully. The movie was mostly about how trapped Diane felt as a "normal" housewife, who you knew had photography dreams of her own, but continued to work under her husband as his assistant because that was the thing women did in the 50s. She meets a man with the "werewolf" disease, and falls in love with him, (and I'm trying not to give away anything. Yikes this is hard) and she then starts pursuing her dreams, photographing what society considers freaks. Here is some of her work:

Her photography is certainly... interesting. She did very intriguing work, and I did enjoy watching the film, and how she came to do this certain style of photography. Its just all very interesting. Its just sad to me that she killed herself in the early 70s, so she only pursued photography for a little over a decade. It would've been interesting to see what direction her work would've went if she hadn't commit suicide. But of course, the movie didn't go in that direction, nor did I really want it to.

So..yes. That's what I did last night!
Hahah, I'm a rambler. :)

Have an amazing Saturday.
xo Haley

30 Days of Truth/Paranormal Activity 2

Friday, October 22, 2010

First things first, 30 Days of Truth.
I first saw this on Mandy's blog and decided that this was something I wanted to do. I am always trying to find a way to be more "open" with people. Over the years, I've built this wall around me, and I very rarely show my feelings. I'd like to say that if I had a problem that I could directly handle the issue, but that would be a complete lie. I'm hoping that by sharing this with all of you, I can learn more about opening up, and you can learn more about me!
Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.
Hate is a strong word. But if I had to choose one thing, it would be the lack of confidence I have in myself. I will never tell you (in a serious manner, at least) that I believe in myself. I have never really fully grasped the concept of loving myself for who I am or believing that I can achieve the dreams and goals that I have for myself. There are so many things wrong with this. I desperately want to overcome this huuuge obstacle in my life. It has stopped me from doing so many things. My friends are tired of it, I'm sure. And I put Tyler through so much by not believing in myself.
So many things have gone wrong because of this. It needs to be fixed.
...This 30 Days of Truth thing is going to be tough. Haha

Ooooh. Onto a new topic!
I saw Paranormal Activity 2 last night!! (WARNING: There *might* be spoilers!)
It was SO much better than the first movie. Really. The first was just kinda.. blah. But this one, man. This one kept my head buried in Colby's shoulder, crying, and saying "I hate the night time! I hate the night time!" throughout the entire movie. I was so anxious the whole time. After one incident, about half way through, I couldn't stop shaking, and I started thinking, "How am I going to be able to drive all the way home by myself in the middle of the night?" I was freaking out. I never freak out like this during scary movies. Never. I thrive off of these movies! I love them. But this one struck a chord with me. Maybe it was the fact that it involved a baby? I don't know. But there were sooo many connections to the first one. First of all, it happens prior to the first film. It's kind of the precursor to how all of this started happening to Katie. It was super interesting seeing how everything tied together. The end was amazing, it had me thinking about it all night. And I'm not kidding - about 10 minutes in, I was crying like a little baby, wanting to go home. I turned to Colby at the end of the movie & said, "I'm sorry for crying all over you. Will you please hold my hand now?" Hahah, I'm so thankful for a best friend who doesn't laugh at me when I get scared. :)
Really, if you were a fan of the first one, or if you were even slightly frightened by the first movie, go. see. the. sequel.
So much better!!

Xo Haley

Pictures from lately, I believe, and other stuffs.

Hello!! We had to do presentations on a foodborne illness in my Safety & Sanitation class (ew) and some woman gave us gummy "krabby patties" as snacks. I convinced all the people at my table to give me theirs. :)
This is Blake!! He is wayyy cool! He is my best friend, Colby's, boyfriend. Tonight, they are going to see a stage production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you can dress up, so Blake is going as Riff Raf, and he had to show me his costume. Super adorable! And Colby is dressing up as a "male" version of Columbia, but he wouldn't try his costume on for me :(
Day 12: things you believe in.

I believe in a lot of things... and uh, some of them are quite silly (but some are serious too!) :)

-Jesus Christ died for me, and I am alive because of Him.
-I will probably have a billion kids (exaggeration, but you get the point), just because I'm afraid of childbirth. My luck, something like that would be in the cards for me.
-Although Twilight "sucks," I believe it is a good thing for young readers. Anything that'll get kids to read these days is a-okay in my book.
-I have the best friends in the world.
-Cupcakes can cure any problem (they always cure mine, for a few minutes, at least.Haha)
-Gaspard Ulliel is a gift straight from God.

I never believed in love. Let me rephrase. I believed in love, just not for me. I knew it could happen for other people. I enjoyed watching people who were in love. It was exciting and amazing to me. It had just never happened to me, and I honestly believed I was incapable of producing such strong feelings for someone. This silly belief of mine has definitely changed in the last year or so. I know what love feels like... and it sucks to lose that.
But at least I know what it feels like now, right?

Day 12, complete!! looooveit.
I think later today, I will start the "30 Days of Truth." It'll be interesting keeping two "30 day" challenges going at the same time, but eh. I wanna do it. I'm up for the challenge :)
P.s. YOU want to be part of Michelle's giveaway. Do it do it do it! (most amazing giveaway of my life!)

xo. Haley

Oh, and when I blog later tonight with the 30 Days of Truth, I will also blog about my Paranormal Activity 2 experience! I saw it at the "midnight" premier. It wasn't really at midnight. They showed it at 10. Kind of defeats the purpose, I'd say. LAME.

I have a TV obsession.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 10: Favorite TV shows.
Weeds: I have loved this show for about a year now... I first started watching it when we got Netflix, and I was looking for a new TV show to watch. I got so addicted to it for a while, and even got my brother into it. He liked it for the "marijuana aspect," oh, and the fact that Mary Louise Parker is a "total MILF." ...yeah.
The Event: This is my newest obsession. I hate watching shows that are new to TV because I have so much trouble waiting to watch each episode a week apart. AND I hate commercials! They are the devil. But this show is so worth it. Upon occasion it can become cheesy, and it's a little too sci-fi ish for my personal taste, but it is SO addicting.
Nip/Tuck: Anyone that has been following my blog since at least mid-summer knows I love this show. This is probably the best TV show ever. No lies. It will forever be my favorite show. It is probably not something I should be watching, nor is it even suitable for television. But soooo good.
Glee: Ahh, Glee. How fantastic is this show? I know that it is definitely not for everyone. In fact, only a handful of my friends will even watch it. But I was obsessed with musicals through junior high and the first half of my high school years, so this show is perfect for the music-nerd in me. My two favorite songs they've ever done? "Like a Prayer" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Yuuup. Those are my favorite songs, in general. Hahaha :)
Dexter: This is also a new obsession. I'm currently half way through the first season, and I've already searched on Wikipedia who the Ice Truck Killer is (I really don't like surprises. I did this with the Carver on Nip/Tuck. Told you I don't like surprises). This show is ridiculous, and I loveee it.

Of course, I have other favorites too... Such as Degrassi (YES, Canadian teen dramas are the bomb), Teen Mom, and Say Yes to the Dress.

Wishful Thinking

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I started the paperwork tonight.
If all goes well, this beautiful place will be my new home in January...
I was actually accepted to Southeast Missouri State University last fall, but after lots of thought & prayer, I decided I wasn't quite ready to move 4 hours away from my family. At that point in life, I didn't even have my driver's license yet. I was in no shape to be moving that far away. Thankfully, my parents are supportive of my decision making, and I will be transferring to Southeast for the Spring semester, if all works out as planned.
When I chose to go to OTC, I was so sure that this was a good decision, and that community college wouldn't be too bad. I mean, it's free, what's better than that? But as soon as school started in August, I quickly realized all the free college in the world would never make me enjoy life at OTC. I hate the atmosphere, I strongly dislike the fact that my classes are 78% people that are old enough to be my parents, and living at home is free, but not always fun. I'm ready to "grow up" and move out and gain the independence that I've been searching for for a few years now.
This is a big decision for me, and I'm praying that it is the right decision. I really feel that it is, but you never know. It could end up being the worst decision of my life ;)

In all reality, I don't think I was cut out for college. But momma says I need a degree in something. So... we'll see where this college thing goes, eh?


Fear Of...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 10: Something you're afraid of.

Yuuuup. That would most definitely be childbirth.
I'm also gonna have to go ahead and say that natural childbirth - most definitely out of the question for me.
gross, gross, gross.
No thank you.

Day 9.

Day 9: a picture of your friends.

Instead of a group shot, I decided to talk about my best friends individually. Here goes:
This lovely is Mr. Colby Kern. :) He is my best friend & my entertainer. Anytime I have a problem, he's the one who has something funny to say to cheer me up. Always. He's good for a few laughs :) He loves photography, but he's going to school for interior design. I think I will have the best decorated home in the world someday..This is my Breebee! Breighann Marie, you are the best. She is my rock. She always has something smart to say when I have a problem, and is always there to back me up, and make sure I don't change my mind on things. She and I have been friends the longest (since we were in the womb, pretty much), and she and I have never not been friends. We have the best friendship in the world, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
And this is Miss Cassie. She is a star in the making. She currently attends Lindenwood University as a film acting major. She and I spent the majority of the summer together - she's the one I have the most traditions with. We have Heath Ledger Remembrance Days every summer, we always go see the Twilight movie premiers with my papa, and we have craft nights where we lock ourselves in her room and just paint for hours and hours. We're pretty darn cool.

These are my best friends & I love them sooo much :)
xo Haley

Band of Horses, numero dos

Monday, October 18, 2010

So, as I said, I would post a huuuge long video post from the Band of Horses show! Dad finally uploaded the videos from his iPhone to my Mac, so here they are! The photos/videos are amazing quality! Videos on iPhone 4 are shot in HD, which is suuuper awesome. I love it. Dad got all of my favorites, and then some. So.. enjoy :)
Evening Kitchen - They started the evening with this song, and it was an amazing start. I hate admitting this, but I totally cried. It was just awesome.

No One's Gonna Love You - Sigh. I'm pretty sure I cried some more. I really love how they played this song acoustically, rather than the "real" version. It was wonderful.

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands - Holy cow. This has been one of my favorite songs for forever, so I was so stoked for this song. It was amazing! This was toward the end of the show.

The General Specific - This is my dad's favorite song, and he was so excited to see it live. He was upset after the show was over and he realized he miss the first 15-20 seconds of the song. The slideshow in the background was absolutely amazing! The photographer of all of those pictures (I'm not sure who it is), is doing the photos for my friend's sister's wedding (she's marrying the drummer of BoH!)

The Funeral - Holy. Cow. Talk about chills & goosebumps. So amazing. Truly. Everyone at the show was singing along and having such a great time. So good.
Is There a Ghost? - This was the very last song of the encore, and it is one of my current favorites of theirs. Perfect ending to a perfect show. <3

I have more videos, of Marry Song & Laredo, but I haven't uploaded them yet.
Have a great Monday night! The Event is on tonight! Yeah! :)

xoxo Haley

New York, New York.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 8: a place you've traveled to.

Hello, hello... I thought I'd share my most favoritest place in the world..
New York City.
I got to visit the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park - Robert Pattinson's butt was on this, so I had to sit on it, too.
I HAD to go to Strawberry Fields, of course. For some reason, it was slightly underwhelming. Maybe because when you Google images of it, its always very pretty & decorated with flowers. When I went, it only had these two flowers. I was disappointed, not gonna lie. haha :)
Standing only feet away from where John Lennon was murdered was truly a goosebump inducing experience. I got chills walking up to The Dakota. Also - Rosemary's Baby was filmed there, I think. Oh, and, I want to live there.
I originally had no intentions of going to The Statue of Liberty. I wanted no part of that. It seemed boring and like a waste of time. Wrong. It was so much fun. Yes, it took almost the entire day, but it was sooo amazing.
Every morning, we took a picture in the elevator on our way out of the hotel. It became something we looked forward to every day. :)

I'm so glad I got to take this trip with my Momma, Grandma, and Aunt Leslie.
Best graduation present ever? :)

xoxo Haley