Band of Horses, numero dos

Monday, October 18, 2010

So, as I said, I would post a huuuge long video post from the Band of Horses show! Dad finally uploaded the videos from his iPhone to my Mac, so here they are! The photos/videos are amazing quality! Videos on iPhone 4 are shot in HD, which is suuuper awesome. I love it. Dad got all of my favorites, and then some. So.. enjoy :)
Evening Kitchen - They started the evening with this song, and it was an amazing start. I hate admitting this, but I totally cried. It was just awesome.

No One's Gonna Love You - Sigh. I'm pretty sure I cried some more. I really love how they played this song acoustically, rather than the "real" version. It was wonderful.

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands - Holy cow. This has been one of my favorite songs for forever, so I was so stoked for this song. It was amazing! This was toward the end of the show.

The General Specific - This is my dad's favorite song, and he was so excited to see it live. He was upset after the show was over and he realized he miss the first 15-20 seconds of the song. The slideshow in the background was absolutely amazing! The photographer of all of those pictures (I'm not sure who it is), is doing the photos for my friend's sister's wedding (she's marrying the drummer of BoH!)

The Funeral - Holy. Cow. Talk about chills & goosebumps. So amazing. Truly. Everyone at the show was singing along and having such a great time. So good.
Is There a Ghost? - This was the very last song of the encore, and it is one of my current favorites of theirs. Perfect ending to a perfect show. <3

I have more videos, of Marry Song & Laredo, but I haven't uploaded them yet.
Have a great Monday night! The Event is on tonight! Yeah! :)

xoxo Haley


  1. I just wanted to drop you a note and say that I love your blog! I found it through A Beautiful Mess. If your ever looking for a fellow crafty/blogger pen pal, hit me up! I'm a 20 year old architecture/graphic design student in Ohio who loves photography, art, and music. Just thought it might be fun to befriend someone far away :]

  2. I love, love Band of Horses. SUch great music and lyrics. Love them


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