Wishful Thinking

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I started the paperwork tonight.
If all goes well, this beautiful place will be my new home in January...
I was actually accepted to Southeast Missouri State University last fall, but after lots of thought & prayer, I decided I wasn't quite ready to move 4 hours away from my family. At that point in life, I didn't even have my driver's license yet. I was in no shape to be moving that far away. Thankfully, my parents are supportive of my decision making, and I will be transferring to Southeast for the Spring semester, if all works out as planned.
When I chose to go to OTC, I was so sure that this was a good decision, and that community college wouldn't be too bad. I mean, it's free, what's better than that? But as soon as school started in August, I quickly realized all the free college in the world would never make me enjoy life at OTC. I hate the atmosphere, I strongly dislike the fact that my classes are 78% people that are old enough to be my parents, and living at home is free, but not always fun. I'm ready to "grow up" and move out and gain the independence that I've been searching for for a few years now.
This is a big decision for me, and I'm praying that it is the right decision. I really feel that it is, but you never know. It could end up being the worst decision of my life ;)

In all reality, I don't think I was cut out for college. But momma says I need a degree in something. So... we'll see where this college thing goes, eh?


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  1. This is such exciting news! Good luck and I'm sure you will get in again. :) I am excited to follow you on this journey!


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