autumn photo op.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Colby and I went to Fair Grove and took pretty pictures..

We had so much fun. Even though by the end of the (less than) one hour, we were totally eaten up by bugs.
Lovelove Haley

p.s. these photos were on miss Elsie's blog today! go check it out :)


  1. So incredible! But the one as your profile pic on facebook is probably my favorite :)

  2. lovely! my friend got married at the old mill in fair grove. :)

  3. gorgeous photos & girl!!!

    I just clicked in from Elsie's blog and had to comment. The photo edit is tres cool, lovely blog.

  4. omgosh, these are SO pretty, and you are adorable. beautiful photos miss! Following your blog now <3

    let's be friends <3


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