Day 4 Hollaaaa!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its day 4 of the blog challenge!!
Day 4: My parents.
I have the coolest parents
They are way too awesome for their own good.
My dad loves the Chiefs more than life, I'm pretty sure. And my mom is always singing.
Story: Yesterday, I was in my room, with music playing (very) loudly, but I could STILL hear my mom singing in the kitchen! Hilarious.
As you know, my dad is taking me to see Band of Horses tonight. He also takes Cassie and I out on random outings, to things like musicals, and the Twilight Saga midnight premiers (he's gone for all 3 movies so far! He always falls asleep though. Haha).
My momma and I will have girls nights in occasionally. Last time, we ordered in Chinese and watched Dear John. I got all of my creative ability from her. She loves to scrapbook and make crafts for the kiddos at church to do.
My parents were also once into cake decorating. Little fun fact, there.
I just love them a lot.
They've been really supportive almost all of my decisions... except for my tattoo. But they've grown to love it. (I think)
love ya mommy & daddy.
xo. Haley


  1. It's so nice that you have such a great relationship with your parents :) Such beautiful pictures, too! :)

    Your blog is adorable! You inspired me to do the challenge also! Thanks!!

    Love, Bridgette.

  2. So sweet! Your parents are the coolest fo sho! xo


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