30 Day Challenge

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have decided to participate in Katie's 30 Day Challenge!
I've had a few new followers here & there, so I thought this would be a fun way to introduce myself... plus this gives me something to blog about every day. Which definitely helps the English grade.
Soooo here goes:
Day 1: Introduce Yourself/15 Facts...
Hello!! I'm Haley and I'm a 19 year old (community) college student. I absolutely adore sweet treats and hope to make a career out of cupcakes someday. :)
Facts about me...
1. I have changed my mind on careers so often, I can't keep track of what I've wanted to do. (Mortician, fashion design, journalist, Broadway actress... the list goes on & on).
2. I only live 20 minutes away from Springfield, so I'm suuuper close to Red Velvet Art. (so excited for the new store opening!)
3. I have two favorite bands: Underoath & Band of Horses. I've seen Underoath live once (at Warped Tour last summer), and I'm seeing Band of Horses for the first time on Thursday (with my dad!)
4. Speaking of dad... I have the coolest parents anyone could ever ask for. My Dad loves taking me and my friends to see the Twilight movies at midnight. My mom harmonizes with whatever is on the radio. Told you they were awesome.
5. I met one of my very best friends via Myspace. Creepy? A little. BUT she has a sister & brother in law that go to my church, so I was connected to her a little bit before we even started talking!
6. Most of the photos of me come from my best friend Colby. He has a blog too! He is grrreat at photography and has a cute boyfriend that goes to London a lot.
7. My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. It has been my favorite since I was 13 years old.
8. I spend the night at my grandma's house every Monday night. We've done this since I was in Jr. High or so.
9. I have about 3 more major tattoos planned. One of which being a dreamcatcher. I'm 1/8 Native American (my great-grandma was a full blood Indian!).
10. I cannot crochet to save my life. I tried. Many times, actually. But I just can't get the hang of it. My DAD can crochet better than I can.
11. I have a texting problem. My phone is permanently attached to my hand, I'm sure.
12. I have this odd obsession with owls. Of course, I realize this is not uncommon. I just really like owls a lot. But not real life owls. Those are scary.
13. I love to watch scary movies by myself. I hate watching them with other people though.
14. I love Jesus Christ with every ounce of my being. He's such a cool dude. And He hands out blessings like its candy.
15. I write letters to my future husband. I used to write them to a certain person. But, silly me, how can I know at 19 years old who that person is?

So there it is! Day 1 of the blog challenge complete!

xo. haley


  1. I LOVE Gone with the Wind! I blame my mom for making me watch it so much when I was younger. It's such a classic :]

  2. Love that headband in your picture! So glad that you are participating and I am looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. This is such an awesome idea! I would so do this if I had time. Your blog is supercute too! :)

  4. I ADORE YOU! So glad your joining in on this! I love that you write letters to your future husband! You are so beautiful and your Dad seriously is AWESOME! And you really wanted to be a mortician? Interesting my friend... <333

  5. I just found your blog via Elsie's and I love it! I even posted a few of your pictures on my blog and linked back to you of course : ) I see that you love Jesus, me too! It is so encouraging to find other artsy, blogger ladies who are loving the Lord.

  6. Breigh Wilson aka..the best friend/biffyOctober 13, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    haha! i love the end..i used to write them to a certain boy..

    which is good that you dont anymore because he is a loon.

  7. adorable pic (*^O^*) I love pink <3333333333


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