Watch the Throne.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This was seriously the best concert I've ever been to (and the Band of Horses show I went to last October has been hard to beat...). But I've been wanting to see Kanye since I first saw the video for Gold Digger on VH1 when I was 14 years old. Now, at 20, I finally got to see him! AND Jay Z! Life is good.

The show was absolutely amazing - everything I'd hoped it would be. It was just so... dramatic. Like, everything felt (I hate this word....) epic.
They performed all of the classics, and basically all of Watch the Throne (with the exception of my favorite, How I Love You). And on top of all of that, they did N****s in Paris 4 times in a row. Seriously, best night ever. Ever.
And of course, I got a t-shirt. Le sigh. #ilovekanye

(Many thanks to whoever it was who's already uploaded their videos from last night)

xo Haley

Thoughts on Breaking Dawn, Part One.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

As I do every year, I saw Breaking Dawn P1 at midnight Thursday night. It was an "eh" kind of night (won't go into that), but the movie was not disappointing, in the least. I absolutely loved it, even though it seemed to be dragging in some parts (then again - I had been awake for nearly 23 hours by the time it was over).
Just so you know, I am for.ever. Team Jacob.
Also, just so you know, past this point are spoilers, spoilers, and..more spoilers. You've been warned.

I'll start from the beginning.

Alice's wedding prep: the scene was funny, but short lived. I agree with Betsey when she says they rushed into the wedding scene. It was like, "oh hey, the movie is starting, oh hey, Bella and Edward are getting married." All in like, 2 minutes. I also disliked how the day before the wedding Bella was stumbling around the heels, and the day of the wedding, she walked (basically) perfectly down the aisle.
The wedding: my dream wedding. Seriously. I was in awe of the atmosphere they created for the scene. Absolutely gorgeous. Other than that, Jessica kept me cracking up the entire time with her pregnancy jokes and her sarcastic remarks about how the cake wasn't big enough. Loved it. Charlie seemed like a "real" dad all during the wedding. His character was perfect and relatable for fathers, I'm sure. The toasts during the reception were spot on. I loved Emmett's hidden vampire joke that Charlie super took the wrong way. I loved Jessica's bitterness towards Edward choosing Bella ("She's definitely not the captain of the volleyball team... or class president...").
Bella's wedding dress: U G L Y. In my opinion, at least. I know plenty of people loved it. And she was all kinds of stunning in it (K.Stew actually looked pretty for once! She could've smiled a bit more though, darn emo kid), but I just wasn't a fan of the dress.
The honeymoon: I was rather disappointed in this entire sequence. The "sex scene" made me feel weird. As I was telling my friend Cassie, I've been waiting 3 years for the honeymoon, and when it finally happened, I just wanted to cover my eyes because I felt so weird and awkward watching it. I love the series, and I respect Stephanie Meyer's lack of sex in the books, but seriously - we all wanted it, why not give it to us?! I did love seeing Bella's anticipation and anxiousness though. That was super adorable.
The pregnancy: Bella drinking blood through a straw was gag-worthy. Especially when blood was like, all over her teeth and lips. Ewwy.
The wolves being all weird and stuff: The little scene where Jacob rebels against the pack was SO cheesy, I wanted to laugh the entire time. seriously, why didn't they just phase back into humans to fight? So dumb.
The birth: So perfect. I love that Edward had to bite through her stomach. That was my favorite part of the book, for reals.
Jacob imprinting on the baby: Yet again, another incredibly cheesy scene. I hated the way they shot it. Lame, lame, lame!
Rosalie: In the book, it's very clear that Rosalie is very possessive and protective of the unborn baby, and even when it's born she's all over it. But in the movie, I didn't really "feel" it. I think they could've done more with that. They tried, I'll give them that.

Over all, I enjoyed it. I am a TwiHard through and through, so I'll never say that I didn't enjoy it. It's the best of the series, but definitely not my favorite.
Have you seen it yet? Do you have any thoughts? I'd love to hear them : )

Back to School.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I've never really discussed it here on my blog, but this past fall, I took the semester off of school to kind of re-evaluate what I want to do (it's awful hard to choose classes when you have no idea which direction your life is going, so I was basically wasting time and money taking these random classes I had no interest in).
The time off has been wonderful. I got to enjoy and settle into my new pace of life. I get to enjoy my time at my new home, and I got to settle completely into the routine of my new job as a nanny. I absolutely love the way things are right now, which makes going back to school even harder (it is *so* completely true that once you quit, it's tough to go back).

Last year, I was just going to a community college (that I have a full scholarship for, so I'm going for free), and was just taking gen. ed classes and kind of blowing them off (like I said, I had no interest in them, so I wasn't spending quality time studying and all that). But in the Spring semester, I'm completely switching gears (still going to the same school, though), and doing a different program of study. I'm going to start taking classes to earn my certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts, and I couldn't be more excited. *side note, there's a woman next to me in Starbucks that has been talking on her phone since I've been here, which has been a long, long time*
Looking at the classes I need to complete to be certified makes going back to school so much more exciting and a ton less stressful. European Pastries and Classical Desserts? Cakes and Cake Decorating? Chocolate, Sugar and Confections? Sign. Me. Up.

I'm beyond thrilled to start this journey, and I definitely cannot wait to share it all with you!
Depending on classes and scheduling and all of that, I should be done and completely certified by December '12/January '13, so I can start working in a bakery! I'm so happy, and my heart feels so full.

Wish me luck!
xo Haley

**ps, I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on Breaking Dawn Part One, because, duh, you know I have an opinion on this. :)

Breaking Dawn, Part One.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are patiently waiting in line at the theater to see Breaking Dawn (6 more hours to go!)... we're getting a little antsy, and we don't have anything to do (we didn't plan very well).
If you wanna follow my Instagram (@elizabethhaley) /Twitter updates, I'll be updating on there all night!

xoxo Haley :)

Why am I covered in feathers..?

Party Times.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

These are just a few of the photos from the housewarming my momma threw for Anna and me a few weekends ago. We are so grateful for the support our families and friends have given us throughout this whole moving-twice-within-three-months stuff. So grateful.

Other things going on:
* I'm currently developing some fun blog stuff for my other blog, After Your Heart. I recently went to a ladies event at my church and came home super inspired! Excited to launch this "blog event" in 2012. :)
* 4 days until Breaking Dawn! Blake and I are on a time crunch to make t-shirts...
* I'm blogging at Barnes and Noble. I don't have internet at my apartment. So this will have to do for now. :)
* I bought a super cute new dress yesterday, I think this calls for a new outfit post soon!
* I will be back soon to post more photos of the house. I promise to do it real soon! :)

Love you all *so* much!
xo Haley


I'm alive and well, I promise.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I have so much to share and absolutely zero time to do so. Such is life.
Lately, life has been hectic. I've been working a lot, crafting a lot, and trying to sleep as much as possible.
As I mentioned earlier, Anna and I moved again (Anna posted peeks into the new apartment, you should take a look). We are so in love with our apartment! We had a housewarming party this past weekend, that I'll share photos of soon. It was all pumpkin themed and so much fun. I'm so thankful for my mom, she put almost every bit of it together!
I've also been thinking of starting a book club. I love to read, absolutely l.o.v.e. it, but I "feel" like I don't have enough time to read, silly right? You can always find time to read! Another problem - all of my IRL friends aren't too hip on reading. How 'bout an internet book club? Yeah, yeah?! I'm currently reading "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner (oh, how I love chick lit).
Have any good book suggestions?

In other news.
* 9 days until my dad and Blake and I go see Breaking Dawn at midnight! We're STOKED.
* Blake and I celebrate 11 months on Saturday.
* Colby could use some cheering up! Stop by his blog and say hey :)
* On November 29th, Blake and I are going to KC to see Jay Z and Kanye West on their Watch the Throne tour. So excited, I cannot find the words to express my happiness.

Anyways, this was just a teensy update into my little old life. I'll be back soon with a substantial post, I promise!
xo Haley

**ps, hello new followers! It's nice to have you here, don't be strangers, introduce yourself! :)