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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello!! We had to do presentations on a foodborne illness in my Safety & Sanitation class (ew) and some woman gave us gummy "krabby patties" as snacks. I convinced all the people at my table to give me theirs. :)
This is Blake!! He is wayyy cool! He is my best friend, Colby's, boyfriend. Tonight, they are going to see a stage production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you can dress up, so Blake is going as Riff Raf, and he had to show me his costume. Super adorable! And Colby is dressing up as a "male" version of Columbia, but he wouldn't try his costume on for me :(
Day 12: things you believe in.

I believe in a lot of things... and uh, some of them are quite silly (but some are serious too!) :)

-Jesus Christ died for me, and I am alive because of Him.
-I will probably have a billion kids (exaggeration, but you get the point), just because I'm afraid of childbirth. My luck, something like that would be in the cards for me.
-Although Twilight "sucks," I believe it is a good thing for young readers. Anything that'll get kids to read these days is a-okay in my book.
-I have the best friends in the world.
-Cupcakes can cure any problem (they always cure mine, for a few minutes, at least.Haha)
-Gaspard Ulliel is a gift straight from God.

I never believed in love. Let me rephrase. I believed in love, just not for me. I knew it could happen for other people. I enjoyed watching people who were in love. It was exciting and amazing to me. It had just never happened to me, and I honestly believed I was incapable of producing such strong feelings for someone. This silly belief of mine has definitely changed in the last year or so. I know what love feels like... and it sucks to lose that.
But at least I know what it feels like now, right?

Day 12, complete!! looooveit.
I think later today, I will start the "30 Days of Truth." It'll be interesting keeping two "30 day" challenges going at the same time, but eh. I wanna do it. I'm up for the challenge :)
P.s. YOU want to be part of Michelle's giveaway. Do it do it do it! (most amazing giveaway of my life!)

xo. Haley

Oh, and when I blog later tonight with the 30 Days of Truth, I will also blog about my Paranormal Activity 2 experience! I saw it at the "midnight" premier. It wasn't really at midnight. They showed it at 10. Kind of defeats the purpose, I'd say. LAME.


  1. is that yellow hat from target?! I have one from there that looks just like that : )

  2. I believe in the cupcake theory as well :)

    I thought about starting the 30 days of truth as well! I'm not sure if I can handle both! Ahhh.. Maybe you'll inspire me! :)



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