What I'm Wearing + Perfect Boyfriend

Friday, April 29, 2011

Yesterday was a really good day.
top, vest, necklace, belt - forever 21//jeans - american eagle//
oxfords - steve madden//sunglasses - Red Velvet

I've been working on my children's book for Children's Lit a lot over the past 2 days, and it was originally due yesterday afternoon, but right before one of my classes, a friend sent me a message on Facebook that they weren't due until next Tuesday. I was pissed. I worked so hard the night before trying to get it finished. But, the good thing was - I wasn't quite finished with it, seeing I still had to write a 2 page essay on the process of writing my book. So, I took a break from book-making and had lunch with Mr. Colby Kern, and then we snapped a few pictures.
Later in the evening, boyfriend made me mac & cheese grilled cheese sandwiches! He is quite the cook, which I am not, so I'm lucky I have him for the rest of forever. :)
We also watched The Office: sad. I don't like that Steve Carrell is gone, but the commercial for the upcoming episodes look promising.
I'm just excited for this season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Embarrassing: We watched The Bucket List in my Psychology of Personal Adjustment class.
I cried. A lot. I tried to not to make too obvious, but I think the woman next to me was catching on. And then after all that crying, I couldn't breathe. It was just a bad deal.

Have a good day! Its Friday, and I think... that means date night for Blake and I! I'm excited.
Oh, and happy Royal wedding day! Sometimes, I wish I were Kate Middleton. BUT Blake isn't opting out of wearing a wedding ring (like William), and isn't going bald just yet (like William), so I'll just stick with my boyfriend, who is pretty much perfect. :)

xo Haley

We have a problem.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm losing my passion for blogging.
I don't know what to do. :(

Happy Easter + Milo Tucker :) *update - with photos*

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blake spent Easter with my family this year! We had a really, really good day just hanging out with family, and having a super awesome indoor Easter egg hunt. Mom, Dad, Blake & I watched Titanic 2 later in the afternoon (awesome movie. not). I love my boyfriend! :)
Speaking of my boyfriend...
He is officially an uncle!
Milo was born earlier this morning! I was so excited to wake up to what seemed like a million texts from Blake about being at the hospital, and that Milo was here.
The little guy is 16.4 in. & 3.7 lbs. (Like I said on Friday, he's about 10 weeks early)
I can't wait to meet him, and hold him! :)

I have SO much to do today (all for Children's Literature, of course), so I'm going to clean up, go to the gym, and then get started on writing a children's book. Yikes.
And I never, ever thought I'd say this, but I think I'm addicted to working out... HA.

Have a good (rainy) day. :)
xo Haley

Nothing of Significance.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't have much to say.
Other than:
- I miss my boyfriend, even though he's only gone for the night.
- I am semi sad that I'm missing my grandma's birthday party tomorrow.
- I am excited for Easter egg dying festivities tomorrow night with the family.
- Tornado sirens (& hail) and I have never been or ever will be friends.
- I am bored out. of. my. mind.

Last night, I went to Blake's sister in law's ultrasound and got to see little Milo for the first time ever! It was the greatest thing ever. A little creepy. But pretty great. Babies are so amazing! I can't wait for my own. Someday.
Anyways, I was telling Joann (my boss) about it today, when I received a text from Blake that Mandy's water had broke! She's about 30 weeks pregnant, so Milo still has a ways to go. As far as I know, everything is good and Milo is still inside cooking, but still keep them in your thoughts and prayers! :)

Have a good night!

xo Haley

The Antlers - Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

Awkward & Awesome

Thursday, April 21, 2011

- editing photos during class, while wearing the same outfit that's in the photos.
- actually going to class for once.
- going through mcdonalds drive thru every morning. the lady at the window knows my name.
- strange men that come into the tea room & just stand there.

- boyfriend and i are going to his brother & sister in law's ultrasound today! i'm really, really excited. #babyfever
- the coachella live stream. but that was last weekend.
- so in that case, the coachella archives on youtube. (they're playing Mumford & Sons as we speak..)

have a good day!
xo haley

outfit details:
top, cardigan, belt - forever 21
jeans - american eagle
boots - steve madden

What I'm Wearing + Fake Chanel

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outfit Details:
shorts, necklace - forever 21// top - charlotte russe//
lace cardigan - target// shoes - toms
Immediately after taking these photos, I put on jeans.
And, I hung out with Mr. Deer...
And, yesterday I made a fake Chanel t-shirt (and it's a bit wrinkly, sorry!)

I really like it, and I can't wait to wear it.
I've seen so many different fake Chanel shirts floating around, I needed to make one for myself. I sent a picture of it to Colby when I finished it, and he texted me saying, "It's cute... but I'd like it more if it was a real Chanel shirt..."
I'll wear it soon though, and I'll be sure to share that outfit. :)

Its about to storm here, or it is supposed to at least (a tornado watch until 9pm!), so Blake and I are watching Extreme Couponing and waiting for Glee to come on (they're covering a new Lykke Li song tonight. Yayayay).
Have a good night!
xo HaleyAdd Image

Blog Love: Kinsey French

This little lady is just about the cutest ever.
She loves bacon more than life, I'm pretty sure.
She has the best "Chew On It" posts (and this post is my absolute favorite ever).
AND she's home schooled, which I think is pretty darn awesome (plus, she's like, not a social freak like some home schooled kids I used to know).
Side note: my dad just got off the phone and is talking to himself about the guy being a major d-bag, or something. Hahah. AWESOME.
Miss Kinsey has one of the best blogs out there. In my humble opinion. She's one of the few that doesn't just take pretty pictures and post them and write like, 2 words. She actually writes. And not only does she write, she writes meaningful posts. That are relevant and awesome.
Seriously. Read her blog. Now.
xo Haley

Monday, April 18, 2011

I've changed a lot over the past three years.

I remember going into my junior year of high school, finally one of the "older kids" and I was so excited, naive, and above all else, ready to graduate.
A lot happened that year. A lot that I regret, but am also thankful for.
I met Blake that year - which was probably the best thing that happened.

Senior year came and went, and I became hardened to the frilly, fluffy things in life. I completely shut myself off from everything (and everyone) by the end of the school year. I didn't really value friendship like I should've, and my appreciation for my family was hit and miss. I had a plan for my life, and I wasn't going to let anyone get in the way of that... but, reality got in the way. Nothing worked out the way I had thought they would, but I'm grateful for that. God's plan was, and is, so much better than my own.

Simply put, I am blessed. I am so thankful for what I've been through, although it's not much in comparison to some. I've been taught some incredibly valuable lessons, and I've been trying to put them to (major) use as of lately.

Next month, my little brother graduates high school. It is so weird to think that just a year ago, I was in his position: helping mom plan a graduation party, hoping to get lots of grad money, wondering what was coming next in life (but at the same time, not really caring), and hoping that time would pass quickly so I could graduate and get out of this small town. Funny... I'm still here.

Life is funny, and God has an odd sense of humor.
But I'm learning to laugh with Him, when I start to think that my plans are the best.
I wouldn't be where I am now (still living at home, going to community college, and loving every second of it), if it weren't for God & His plan for me. He's the best, really.

I'm not sure what compelled me to write about all of this, but I'm kind of glad I did.
It feels good to just let some of this out, and being able to (somewhat) externalize my feelings.
I hope you have a wonderful night. :)

xo Haley

Today is For..

Last night, I stayed up for like, ever to see Kanye West live at coachella.
He finally started.
And I fell asleep half way through.
Boy, he is amazing.

Today is for:
-writing a children's story about an owl and a sparrow
-watching lots of game shows
-hanging out in pajamas (duh, i do every monday. haha)
-taking lots of tylenol because cramps are no bueno
-mayyybe going to work out.

Today is going to be a good day.
I hope so, at least.
Yesterday, Blake and I listened to all of our new records and watched The Omen.
I love him a lot, a lot, a lot.

Have a good day :)
xo haley

Record Store Day + Elton John concert :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My record collection grew!
Record Store Day was a success, I'd say.
We went to CD Warehouse first, and while we were there, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin played a little acoustic set. Awkward to the max.
But... as you can see, Blake and I found some pretty good records to add to our collection.
Its fun to think that we started this in December with Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, and now we have a whole bunch and we'll just keep adding to it. I love it. :)
Kanye!!! :)
and, quite possibly my favorite purchase of the day... I listened to it this morning, and am very much questioning my sanity. Haha :)

Later, Blake's parents took us to see Elton John!
He is amazing. Beyond amazing.
I freaked out a lot during the concert.
I'm sooo glad I went :)

I hope your Saturday was a good one, and I hope today is even better. Daddy is out grilling burgers, and Blake is coming over soon! I'm excited :)

xo Haley

Little peaks around my room.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My room is so cozy right now. I can't wait to do some crafting and Netflix watching tonight.
Nights alone are very rare, so I'm taking advantage of this one.
Christmas is over, I'm aware. The tree is too cute to put away, though!
My little craft area is sooo messy! But this is the cleanest its been in a very long time.
The books I've been meaning to read.. oops.
So that's all I have for tonight.
I'm just staying in, and hanging out at home. Maybe going to the gym with my momma later. If I feel up to it. I've been a sleepy girl lately!
Tomorrow is Record Store Day! So boyfriend and I are going to pick out some records, as well as go back to Funtiques and get the soundtrack to the original version of The Omen we found on vinyl yesterday! (Yesterday, I said I didn't need it... but this morning I changed my mind)
Later we're meeting up with his parents to go to an Elton John concert! We're pretty darn excited. :)
Oh, and look at this tattoo!
This is my friend Sarah. She chose to get matryoshka doll because her adopted sister is from Russia. Dasha (her sister) got one too! It's so stinking adorable in person. I absolutely love it.
(and obviously, it's not finished yet. She goes back in 2 or so weeks. I'm so excited to see it finished!)
Love you!
xo Haley

Storms are coming!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breigh and I are hunkering down and getting ready for the crazy weather that's supposed to come! We are thoroughly creeped out by pretty much everything, so walking from the shed (where I parked my car), back to the house in the ridiculous wind was not fun.
I think we're about to watch House of Wax and eat some tomato noodles. We're stoked!

Boyfriend left me a note on my car while I was in class that he was taking us to get sushi and cupcakes after school. We ended up stopping by Red Velvet & Funtiques before going to Kai for dinner. And after dinner, I wasn't really ready for cupcakes, so.. we skipped that. Maybe next time, yes boyfriend? :)

Have a wonderful night, and watch tonight's Parks and Recreation on Hulu tomorrow. :)

xo Haley

I just couldn't stay away... :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love blogging too much.
A few weeks ago, I didn't blog for an entire week. I'm really not sure how I did it, because the past like, 34 hours have killed me!
So, things will most definitely be back to normal within the next few days. I'll get back to my regular features and all that. :)

Mr. Blake has been absolutely wonderful about everything that's going on. He brought me Starbucks and chinese for lunch at school on Tuesday, and then took me to Olive Garden (best.ever.) for dinner. I like him times infinity.
& My boss, who is just about the cutest ever, went on vacation last week and brought me back the sweetest little owl she thrifted while she was gone. Oh, and some Celestial Sleepytime tea that I can never find at the grocery store. I have the best job ever.

Last week, my mom bought the family gym memberships. Now. If only you knew my entire family... This is a completely ridiculous idea. Even for me, it's outrageously ridiculous. I don't exercise. Ever. But, tonight, my momma and I went to the gym. And we worked out for a solid hour. And for this, I was very proud of myself. My legs are jello. And I will definitely feel it tomorrow. But nothing was better than coming home, feeling completely refreshed. Hopefully this is the start of a very good habit. :)

I have to work on a paper for Children's Lit tonight - she's been piling homework on us a lot lately. But this paper is only like, one to two pages, and it's about a children's book illustrator of our choice, so I chose Marc Brown who wrote/illustrated the Arthur books. I loved those books when I was little! And the tv show was even better. In fact, I think I'll watch it on Netflix while I write.. :)

xo Haley

Taking a break.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miss James & Miss Danielle both did this, and I think it will do me some good.
After some recent comments left here, I really, really feel like I need a mini break from blogging, and the internet, in general.
When every little thing you say, or do, is attacked for no reason at all, it is emotionally exhausting. So, I'm taking a break, and I'll be back in a few days with, most likely, a lot to say. :)

xo Haley

Procrastination is my new best friend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I think I have a problem.

I've been avoiding my Children's Lit paper very well this afternoon.
I even cleaned out my car. Blake will tell you that this is a huge deal. I never ever clean my car.
I've eaten a whole day's worth of calories within like 3 hours, and I've watched America's Next Top Model & That 70's Show pretty much all day (I meant to watch The Kennedy's... but I forgot what time it came on. Oopsies). Oh, I also reopened my Tumblr AND spent two hours pinning things on Pinterest.

Later this evening, I plan on painting my nails and watching movies.
And maybe working on my paper.
I have 3 more pages to go... I can totally do this.. Maybe.

It's Grandma Night though.
UGH. The world is against me and my education!
Random photo. Just because.
Have a good night!

*I have 160 followers now! I know this is a random number to be excited about, but it seemed like I was at 157 for forever! I love each and every one of you :)
*tumblr is HERE. follow me, so i can follow you!

Today is For..

Can I just say, I love this boy very, very much. Read this and you'll see why. :)
He's so wonderful, I don't know what I'd do without him.

It is officially Monday, and it's been a while since I've done one of these posts, so...
Today is for...
- watching an outrageous amount of television
- hanging out in pajamas all day
- finishing the rest of my "6 to 8" page paper on Sci-Fi/Fantasy books for Children's Lit
- starting on another paper for Children's Lit (this one is on Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur books.. best paper ever)
- hanging out with grandpa. Who turned 63 yesterday!

In other news...
I am currently watching House of Wax for the second time in a row tonight.
Sometimes, I forget how good-bad this movie really is. I first saw it when it came out when I was in 7th grade. I remember seeing it with my friend Kelsey on my family vacation because we were "too cool" to go hang out at the beach. Hahaha. DORKS.
But seriously, this movie is awesome. And Blake has never seen it. We'll be watching it VERY soon. :)
In other news, part two...
I am currently eating Nutella by the spoonful, right out of the jar.
Keepin it classy.

xo Haley


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The boyfriend and I saw Insidious last night.
It. Was. Terrifying.
It was everything a horror film should be. And the music, which was what made so awful for me, was absolutely perfect.
We had no expectations for it, whatsoever (hello, Patrick Wilson isn't the greatest actor in the world), but it was so much better than I thought it ever could be.
I kiiinda want to see it again, just to see if I could actually watch it the second time around (I had my eyes and ears covered the majority of the film..haha).
I will most definitely never, ever, ever watch this at home though. Too scary.
xo Haley! :)

Who met the lead singer of Band of Horses? THIS GIRL.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonight was SO much fun. Band of Horses was absolutely incredible.
As I kept mentioning here (and on Twitter), I was supposed to meet the band.
Things did not go as planned, AT ALL.
Dad got a text from Nancy (the drummer's mother in-law), that said that Kings of Leon is from Oklahoma, and so all of their family & friends were there, and there were no more backstage passes... SO. Dad and I were like, it's cool, whatevs, at least we get to see them again (we saw them in October in KC).
After they were done playing, we took a mini break, and got some food, bought a SUPER cute t-shirt, and talked for a bit. Soon after all of this, Kings of Leon started playing. The crowd was absolutely RIDICULOUS. Gosh darn. Middle aged women in short clubbing dresses & cowboy boots. Ooh, buddy.
Anyways, dad and I moved to the back of the floor crowd, to finish eating and just chill, since we don't care of KOL too much.
And then.. Ben Bridwell, the lead singer of Band of Horses, walked past us. I. Freaked. I made my dad go over with me, and ask him to take a picture with me.
A little after that, the bassist walked by, too, but dad's phone had died by then. Sad. But at least I got to meet them!
It's funny because I was a bit bummed because I knew I wasn't going to go backstage and all that, and I was telling Blake about it, and he said he knew it was going to work out because I am the luckiest person he knows... I guess that's true, especially after tonight. :)
xoxo Haley