muh bestie's in town.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some say it is impossible to have more than one best friend.
To those people.... I say, suck it. Because I have the 3 best friends anyone could ever ask for.
One of these best friends, Cassie, moved away a few months ago for college. It is extremely hard not seeing her every single day, like I used to. But... she's back in town for Halloween! We hung out last night... and this is the product of not seeing each other for 2 months:

we get pretty silly late at night. Really silly. Obviously.

Anyways... I had to work this morning, and this evening, so I had a 5 hour block of time that I could do whatever, so instead of going home and cleaning my room, and showering, and all that good stuff... I went to Springfield to see Elsie's new store! The new Red Velvet is huuuge, and beautiful. I'm going to miss The Style... but then I just remember that most of their stock is in RV now. So... there's nothing to miss! Emma's bubble tea was fabulous, and I can't wait to bring my friends. :)

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20 (I think): Nicknames.
I don't have many.
....that's all. :)

30 Days of Truth: Day 9: Someone you didn't want to let go.
Technically, I'd say I didn't really let her go - but she really did drift away; we both did. I miss her a lot every now and then. Her sister is having a baby in a few month, and there's a possibility of her moving back to Missouri to help out with the baby... and I really, really hope she does.

Happy Halloween!!
I'm dressing up as Ke$ha. For real style.
What are you doing for Halloween?! :)
xo. Haley

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