Pure Magic.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last week we went to St. Louis and got to see Beach House live! It was absolutely amazing. Like I mentioned on Instagram/Twitter ... I hate the word 'magic' (unless you're describing Disney or Harry Potter), but this concert was completely magical. I'm not joking. I wanted to cry like the whole time! Beach House is a very, very special band to me (and Blake), so this was a dream for me!

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while. Things have been so crazy with family, school and work. But next week is finals week, so hopefully things will slow down soon!

xo Haley

ps... here are a few Beach House songs that will be used in our wedding! We're using Zebra for the ceremony (our parents/grandparents/all that) will be seated during this song. And our first dance is to Real Love. Sigh. This wedding just can't come soon enough!

Monday Morning.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My morning: lucky charms, honeymoon planning, Parks and Recreation. Last night, I completely figured out a potential itinerary for our trip to Disney World. We aren't going until next October, but we are trying to get all of this stuff figured out in the next few months so we don't have to worry about it while we are doing the majority of the wedding planning. Surprisingly enough, we have a lot of stuff planned out for the honeymoon. All that needs to be done is get a room booked and get restaurant reservations. Yay!

How's your Monday going so far? I got an unexpected day off, so I'm using it to browse Pinterest.. so productive! :)
xo Haley

Ps... I got my first spray tan. I had gotten so used to being pale for the past few years (I used to tan a lot in high school... no bueno, you guys!) - and I don't get the chance to 'lay out' in the sun or at a pool all that often. So.. I got a spray tan! It's seriously not that bad; I didn't turn out orange or some unnatural color, it wasn't awkward (okay, it was kind of sort of awkward). I felt gross for a while since you can't shower for 8 hours, and I felt really sticky - oh, and you can't wash your hands! That was gross. But it's not all bad! I've enjoyed my week of color and maybe I'll do it again soon. :)

Rainy Day

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Today was a day dedicated to homework and watching girly movies. I'm so grateful Blake puts up with my movie choices (we watched The Proposal and Burlesque today. But, I have to say - I did turn on the Harry Potter marathon just for him for a bit). We went to Marshfield while my parents were out of town to wait on a package I have been expecting, so we took the day to get ahead on some homework since we will be in St. Louis for most of the coming week. (Beach House concert!)
Fun fact: I will only eat cashew chicken from Oriental Inn in Marshfield. Seriously. It's the best! I know that this style of cashew chicken originated in Springfield, but the cashew chicken around here is just plain nasty to me! Oriental Inn > Hong Kong Inn. Definitely.
Also: Blake and I are absolutely obsessed with Skrillex's remix of La Roux's In For The Kill. I hate to admit this (and he's gonna kill me for it!) but we are suckers for dubstep every now and then. We joke about how we are so gonna dance to this at our wedding... :)

xo Haley


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obsessing over Duck Dynasty. Seriously. Why have I not watched this show before? It's so great. And really brings out the redneck in me. Scary business.

Working on nothing at the moment, but the latest craft project has been making prototypes for cutlery packets for our reception. Which by the way, I'm pretty positive that we are doing a dinner reception first, followed by the ceremony! More details on that soon. :)

Thinking about food. All I've done today is eat. My dad BBQ'd and my mom and I made so many desserts it's ridiculous.

Listening to Duck Dynasty on A&E. I'm not joking when I say that I have watched this all afternoon. Blake and I love it!

Wishing for a relaxing and refreshing weekend. It feels like life has been go-go-go all the time, I just need a break! And next week, we are taking a mid-week trip to St. Louis to see Beach House. So excited!

Happy 4th of July to all you Americans! I am absolutely exhausted from today's festivities. I'm in need of a very long nap. Although, it's now dinner time, and pretty soon it'll be bedtime, so I'm pretty sure I won't be getting that nap. Oh well!

xo Haley