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Monday, October 11, 2010

(another photo from yesterday)
I am *finally* catching up on last week's Office. hahah LOVE it.
And Mandy has informed me that there will be a Rocky Horror themed Glee episode before Halloween! So stoked!
I have a few things to mail off before I leave for Oklahoma this weekend, including cute little handmade goodies for my favorite 6 year old, and a novel of a letter for my pen pal.
Today, Colby and I stayed in bed for the longest time. We talked about getting breakfast for lunch. By the time we got around, we were "over" breakfast, and decided on McAlister's. I got to hang out with my papa for a while this afternoon, too. Which, he so lovingly filled up my gas tank (thanks, Dad). Speaking of the father... he and I have the most magical father-daughter night coming up. We're going on a last minute road trip to Kansas City to see my most favorite band in the world:
Band. Of. Horses.
I'm so excited. I am in great need of this trip, and I'm so thankful that I get to spend this time with my Dad.
I will be sure to bring the camera and take lots and lots of photos. So expect an update on Friday!
Xo, Haley


  1. I don't normally watch Glee but now I will TOTALLY have to!

  2. That is an AMAZING Father-Daughter trip! And I am sooo excited for the Rocky Horror Glee!!! <333

  3. This look, is so pretty. I love your background as well.


  4. Band of Horses is amazing. I am from KC and the Uptown Theater is my favorite venue! Have fun!

    -Annie Bowen

  5. Band of Horses is one of my husbands favorite bands. He is always wearing their t-shirts. in fact i just uploaded a video of him playing guitar and he is wearing one of their shirts hahaha!

  6. I hope you had a WONDERFUL time with your dad!! :)


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