Band. Of. Horses.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I can honestly say that the show last night was one of the most amazing nights ever.
My dad and I road tripped to Kansas City yesterday afternoon (I had hopes of making it in time to find some bubble tea before the show...but my silly political science midterm got in the way of leaving before 3:30. Sad face). We listened to cute music, and talked about what we thought the show would be like, which songs we wanted hear, etc. I love taking trips with my dad.
The first band, Besnard Lakes, were.. interesting. The lead singer looked like he had just stepped out of the late 70s, and he sang like a girl. Their music was very different than Band of Horses, but everyone was super into them, including my dad.
The second band, Brad, or something like that, was no good. Everyone was talking and not paying attention. Even my dad leaned over at tone point and said, "I liked the first band better..." They were all old folks too! It was ridiculous! Everyone went crazy when they were finished...because they were finished. And one guy next to me said, "I wonder if they put them before Band of Horses plays so BOH looks infinitely better than everyone else that's played tonight?" Hahaha.. awesome.
Band of Horses was incredible. They started off in the balcony of the theatre, with just Ben & Tyler playing. They did Evening Kitchen and then No One's Gonna Love You acoustic, before moving down to the stage and starting the "real" part of the show.
As soon as the acoustic part was done, and the lights were going, and the music was loud, the couple behind me immediately fired up their marijuana. And then they did it again when they played Weed Party. Of course.
All of their backgrounds were awesome... they were all nature scenes and stuff. Sooo pretty. During The General Specific, it was like a huge slideshow of tour pictures and such. So cool.
Dad didn't really listen to their music before the concert, he only knew of The General Specific, so he was super looking forward to that song, which they didn't play till the end, where they played all of their "popular" songs. Dad was a trooper though! He recorded all of my favorite songs on his iPhone for me, and waited patiently for his song to be played. :)
The last few songs were The General Specific, Cigarettes,Wedding Bands, and The Funeral.
The Funeral was like, seriously a tear jerker. It was so amazing live. The song is amazing to begin with, but nothing compares to hearing/seeing it live. I called Cassie during the song, because she wanted to be there so bad, and I'm really wishing she could've been.
The encore was The Great Salt Lake (haha, the guy next to me really liked that song. You could visibly tell), and Is There A Ghost. AH! Is There a Ghost is my absolute favorite!! And I think it is dad's new favorite too.
After the show was over, I bought a shirt (prettiest shirt ever), and we searched for a gas station that didn't look too ghetto so I could pee and switch spots with dad and drive.
It was awesome.
Other highlights included Ode to the LRC, NW Apartment, Marry Song, and Laredo.
I really wish they would've played their new cover of Cee Lo Green's "Georgia." I heard the single the other day, but I wanted to hear it live! Aww shucks. Oh well. :)
They didn't allow "professional" cameras in, and all I brought was the Canon Rebel xsi, so I had to take it back to the car. Bummer. So all I have are iphone photos. :(

I'm so glad that my dad got to go with me. He kept going back and forth trying to decide if he could, and finally he decided he could. I think he's glad he went. All he wanted to listen to on the ride home was Band of Horses. He loved it. :)

xo, Haley

p.s. sorry there aren't many photos. I haven't gotten around to getting those and the videos from my dad yet, so I'm sure there will be a huuuge video post on Monday or Tuesday :)

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