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Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15: favorite Bible verse.
I posted about this verse a while back, and how it has specific meaning to me, and that I want it tattooed on me, someday (post-children, I think).
"For I bear on my body the scars the show I belong to Jesus Christ."
-Galatians 6:17
30 Days of Truth: Day 4: something I need to forgive someone else for.
This is probably the hardest topic so far. I hate having to admit that I need to forgive someone, to admit that they hold something over me that causes me constant hurt. I have 3 people in mind (I'm not going to name any names) that I need to just... let go of. Over the years, my relationships with these people have gotten messy and complicated, to the point that I feel I can't be friends with them anymore, yet I still hold onto these people. One of them was one of my very best friends for a few years. She and I called each other "twin" because we were so much alike; basically the same person. Over time, we both changed. Life happened to both of us, and we were no longer compatible as friends. She moved closer to me (she lived 6 hours away when we first met), but things were still different. Slowly, we've starting talking again. I long to have that friendship we used to have, but I know that things
are way past that point and I can't have that anymore. But I'm ok with that. I need to let go of who she used to be, and who I used to be, and accept a new friendship with her.
The other two are (drumroll...) boys. Of course. One of them is a very, very important guy to me. Or was, at least. He became one of my closest friends, over time, and its hard not having him to talk to about things that are going on in my life. A lot of stuff happened between us that was definitely not okay, and crying yourself to sleep at night, is not okay either. He caused a lot of hurt, but its something that just needs to be let go of. I'll never move on if I can't truly forgive him and be okay with what happened.
The other guy? He's just a douche. Who likes parking garages. (Haha, I can only imagine how Colby is reacting to that. Hahaha)
I just really need to forgive these people, forget what happened, and move on.
Easier said than done.

Done with the heavy stuff, thank goodness!
Now, onto music..
1. "Zebra" - Beach House. 2. "Agoraphobia" - Deerhunter.
3. "Home" - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. 4. "We Own the Sky" - M83.
1. "What's In It For" - Avi Buffalo. 2. "Post Acid" - Wavves.
3. "You've Got the Love" - Florence & the Machine (The xx Remix). 4. "5 Years Time" - Noah & the Whale

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These are just a few of the songs that have been in (constant) rotation on my iTunes, lately. I was having a .. "discussion" (read: argument) last night, about how the band Wavves doesn't exactly fit me and the type of music I listen to. I've been a (mild) fan of Wavves since earlier this past summer, and I find it to be only summer music for me now. I can't just listen to Wavves year round now, and same goes for other music as well: I can only listen to Joanna Newsom in the fall, I can only listen to Regina Spektor or Kate Nash in the winter. I don't know why things are this way, but I can't stand to listen to them any other time of the year. But this playlist is just a mix of the songs I love (a lot) right now. Some of it is my "autumn" music, some of it is my "summer" music. It's all good. :)



  1. I absolutely understand how you feel about your friend. I had the exact same best friend for the longest time (8+ years) and one day it was like we had never even known each other. I never talk to her anymore and it's very sad. I really long for her friendship sometimes and I have to understand God has put very true/important people in my life. But no matter what, that person will help shape who you are in the future.

    We all play a part in each life we encounter. But all can't be good without bad. You just feel so blessed when you find a friendship that really blows your mind and you understand how important it is to hang onto that. :) (not meaning to preach.. :)


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