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Monday, October 4, 2010

So.... I have the coolest Mom in the world.
Words can't even express how much I love her. So... I thought I'd let some pictures do the talking:

my mom is sometimes an incredible cook. Lately, she's become more "experimental" in the kitchen, and she's been making a TON of dinners from scratch. i.e. the above pizza, cinnamon rolls, cashew chicken, etc. She's awesome!
She's also INCREDIBLY creative! She absolutely loves scrapbooking and making things for people. She currently leads a group of kiddos at church who make little gifts for people in the church, and in the community. So cool & inspiring.
She and my aunt Leslie are the coolest sisters ever. Our shopping trips are the best!
She (..and my aunt and my grandma) took me on an awesome graduation vacation to New York City. That alone equals awesome mom award. She and my Papa have been married for nearly 21 years! (and...yes, my dad actually enjoys wearing that hat...)Thanks to Momma, our house is the coziest little place during the Winter. She does her best to make the Christmas tree look flawless, and she spends countless hours rearranging picture frames and candles and whatever else on the shelves. So cute.
And of course, any woman brave enough to let their husband keep this lit up all Winter on the side of their house is awesome! My Papa made this a long time ago and it never fails, day after Thanksgiving, it is lit up on the side of our house until football season is over. With the way the Chiefs are playing now, I'm surprised its not already up!

And, here's the current convo, via text, going on between me & mom:
Mom: Can you tidy up the house a bit?
Haley: Maybe. Haha
Mom: I shall not hold my breath. LOL.

I love you Mom! You're the coolest!
Love, your favorite (and only) daughter :)


  1. Oh your house looks sooo cozy! What a great Mom you have! <333

  2. moms are pretty great! she is a better wife than me.. you should have seen the HUGE kc flag my husband wanted to buy to put up on game day. i told him it was silly to spend $60 on a flag like that (secretly i just didn't want the thing in front of my house)


  3. aawww! That is so sweet! And that living room looks sooo cozy! I can't show Seth the picture of the Chiefs thing. That might give him an idea. He would so do it too! ha!!

  4. Awww, your mom seems awesome! This was such a sweet post. :)

    PS. The verification word I had was "mumed"! hehe!

  5. Aww moms are pretty awesome! Your mom seems super awesome! My mom is fantastic as well! I miss her cooking =(!

    ~ Ana


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