I should be studying.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I wore this yesterday:
and I felt cute. (owl shirts, Pac Sun; black sweater, I have no idea - stole it from my momma; high waist shorts, F21; tights, Target, I think?; boots... not sure about those either).
I love walking into work and seeing my boss's reaction to what I'm wearing. She usually says something to the effect of "you're cute... but crazy." I love her.
Today: I am so tired. I don't know why I can't ever fall asleep at night. I watch Parks and Recreation every night - that's probably what's keeping me up; as soon as I put in Donnie Darko - I'm completely out. I can't keep my eyes open during that movie, unless I'm watching it during the day. Silly.
There are so many creepy people at OTC. There was this one time that a guy came up and randomly wanted to have a full on conversation with me. I thought he was just being nice and that was cool and all. He finally left me alone - and then he came back, 5 minutes later. And then Tuesday, it happened again. This time, though, he wanted to talk about if I'd ever been proposed to before. WTF, I'm NOT going to talk about this with you, creepy guy! I don't like this school very much...

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18: Something you regret.
I don't feel like I should regret much - after all, I'm only 19. But I think that I do regret a few "minor" things that have happened so far.
I regret not going to college at a university. I want the "real" college experience. I look at 2 of my friends that chose to go away for school and I see all the pictures on Facebook, and see all the fun that they are having, and it makes me sad that I didn't choose this for myself. Of course, I realize it's not too late. Actually, I was just reading an email from my advisor at Southeast, and she said that if I want to be at that school by January, I just need to have my paperwork done by the beginning of December. So, I mean, it's definitely not too late for me to change this. But for this semester, at least, that has been a big regret of mine.
Another is that I never really took high school seriously. To me, it was just something I had to do every day. I never saw it as something that would effect college. Which is absolutely silly (and stupid) on my part. I failed a ton of classes my first 2 years of h.s. and so that really messed me up for the first few years of college. My senior year of high school, I was in a math class full of sophomores and juniors. It was absolutely ridiculous.

30 Days of Truth: Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living.
Easy. Jesus Christ.
Every day, I wake up, and I owe it all to Him. I am alive every single day because of Christ. He sacrificed so much that I could live. Someone died just for me, so that I could live. I owe my all to Jesus Christ - He is my rock. He makes this life worth living.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.
Tomorrow is work day for me, and I couldn't be more excited. The little trick-or-treaters are coming and I get to dress up and hand out candy! I'm so stoked. PLUS, tomorrow my Cassie comes back! Only for the weekend though (lame). So she and I are gonna hang out when I get off work Saturday night, watch the movie Candy (one of Heath Ledger's best), and lock ourselves in a room, and paint. Just like old times. That's the fun thing about having a friend that goes away for college - when they come back, you have so much to catch up on, but its almost as if they haven't been gone at all. We've only really talked once since the last time she came back. We skyped for nearly 2 hours, and then we've texted here and there every so often. But I'm so excited to be spending REAL time with her. I've missed her :)



  1. there are lots of creepers at otc! everyone is so old.
    cute outfit! I love your style :)


  2. EXACTLY why i don't ever want to go to an ACTUAL school ever again. that happened to me A LOT when i was your age... buttttt.... not so much anymore. (i'm turning into an old fart)

  3. I love your outfit!! Cute boots!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  4. love your outfit. so adorable.

    happy friday <3

  5. I really wish I would have tried harder Freshman year of Highschool. By bombing it I had to go to a Community, and I love it, but I wish I could have gone to a University right away, but then you can be grateful because at our age you change your mind so much you aren't wasting money! I am RAMBLING.

  6. Hi Haley! I have been reading your blog for a bit, I think we have a few mutual friends. Anyway, are you talking about Southeast Missouri State? I just graduated from their last December and if you needed any hookups with friends/housing/chill campus ministries, etc, I know some pretty amazing folks that are there!

    Feel free to email me (or not if this is super creepy, ha.)! jesstank@gmail.com


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