Wednesday, October 6, 2010

this is just a filler post since i have nothing exceptional to say today.
all i did was bake.
which, in normal circumstances would be fun...
but today, i had to bake over 12 dozen cookies for breast cancer awareness.
i'm sleepy and i have a ton of homework to do..
at least i don't have to get up crazy early tomorrow like i usually do.
tomorrow, i have a late breakfast planned with mr. taylor
and a math test, for 2 whole chapters i didn't pay attention to
a current events paper due in politics that is about the supreme court, but i have no idea what's going on in the supreme court right now
and i have a presentation to give on hepatitis a tomorrow too...
so much fun, right?
the real fun part is after school when i get to hang out with miss erin sunday again :)

i think i just need to sleep. maybe i can skip my homework that i need to do and do it tomorrow during my (many) breaks? ugh.. procrastination...

xo haley

(my current project... i'm in love with it, i'm pretty sure..)


  1. adorable feathers! and I really hated community college, but "real" college isn't too much better. however, i do only have about 2 - 2.5 years left, so that's thrilling.

  2. Procrastination is my middle name! :) College is overrated haha!jkjk Good luck on your exam, paper, and presentation!


  3. hello there :0)
    just stumbled upon your blog - it is adorable!
    look forward to reading more!


  4. cool feathers!!

    I'm a new reader - can't even remember how i found your site yesterday but I like it!

  5. Um, I'm kinda in love with your feathers too... :-)


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