2010 goal list:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

1. learn to crochet. seriously, i’ve been putting this off for months. i think it scares me. (*although… i need to learn to actually…get better at it)
2. go to a “real” party. like, a high school kind of party. i’ve never done that. ever.(*scariest party of my life… wow. wow. wow.)
3. read my bible. (jamie and i should become bible buddies. keep each other in check. ha!)
4. read at least 2 books per month. starting with The Hours.
5. keep a year long art journal. try to do one page a day. or maybe every other day. we’ll see.
6. learn. to. cook. (*i’ve recently caught the baking bug!)
7. go to new york city over the summer with my mom. (*this was a lofty goal! i didn’t actually expect to do it! what an awesome surprise.)
8. raise my gpa. since i’ve given up on my ACT score… i’ll try a little harder with the gpa. haha.
9. write the best personal narrative ever on cutting.
10. join a sorority in college! (HECK YES).
11. attempt vegetarianism… again.
12. be more outgoing. (I have made so many friends this year!)
13. make lists, and get things done more effeciently.
14. not cry all the time.
15. make every last grandma night count :] (only 6 more months left of these :/ )
16. become less dependent on my cell phone.
17. eat healthier.
18. get a job (that would definitely be ok with me. and my parents).
(and I loveee my job!)

I guess, as it turns out, some of these are hard goals to achieve. Like, joining the sorority? I go to a community college, can't do that. Raise my gpa? I meant that goal for High school, and now... h.s. is over. I *am* going to attempt being a vegetarian again though. My boss has me convinced! :)

xoxo haley


  1. i looove goal lists. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hey, ive never read your blog before, but i love it :) im originally from springfield but i live in branson now for school. i love your list! ive been a vegetarian for 2 years...you can do it! watch this video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqpiXGdadz4. this is what changed my mind completely. it is really really sad, but worth it.
    have a beautiful day

  3. Aw congrats on reaching so many goals already! I hope you are able to reach the others (well, the ones that are realistic!). Good luck!


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