I've been at home for nearly 3 hours and I refuse to take my coat off.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its been a lazy day.
I'm currently working on a special something for the boy's mom. I love making things for other people. :)
Yesterday, I got off work around 12, and then tried out the new coffee shop (no bueno) and went home to take a nap/watch Inland Empire. Ever since Blake had me watch Blue Velvet, I've been on this crazy David Lynch spree, and all I want to do is watch his films. I watched Mulholland Drive a few weekends ago, and yesterday I watched Inland Empire. It was 3 hours long, and I have no clue as to what happened in those 3 hours. But I was mega creeped out:

I like his style though. I like being confused, despite the fact that I ask a ton of questions, and get really nervous. I started watching The Elephant Man, but I fell asleep/had to go back to work, so I only got to watch half-ish of it. I liked it though, so I need to finish it soon. :)

I also watched The Chumscrubber - which I liked, but it was depressing.
I'm hoping Black Swan will come to the Moxie soon, because I feel the insane need to see it.
I also h a v e to see Tron. I must confess though, Daft Punk is the one and only reason I want to see it though. :)

xo Hay

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