total eclipse of the heart.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fact: Total Eclipse of the Heart is by far my most favorite song in the world. Go ahead. Make fun of me. Tonight, I've stayed up way too late watching the (slightly boring/slightly AWESOME) solstice lunar eclipse. This isn't happening like this again until 2094, why did you watch it, huh? I watched a few too many episodes of Degrassi (season 3, of course, I kick it old school). I've also eaten way too many cake pops, of the red velvet variety. Too. Yummy.
Sunday, I went to Silver Dollar City with the boyfriend and his parents. It was SO cold, but so much fun. Branson is quite possibly the weirdest place in the entire world. I love spending time with his parents though. They are so stinking cute! We're going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra the week after Christmas... I'm pretty stoked about that. :)
And as if spending all day with Blake on Sunday wasn't enough.. he came over today for a very full day of movies. We watched Paranormal Activity, I'm Still Here, and (my favorite) Breakfast at Tiffany's. Ahhh, I looove days like this.
Tomorrow has been officially deemed "Gross Day" for Cassie and I. Its Timewarp Tuesday (surely you remember those...), and since Cassie is back in town for the month, OF COURSE we are attending (speaking of Cassie...I wish you could see our text convo right now. Amazing). We chose Paranormal Activity 2, and seeing as we're heading up to Springfield in the early (for us) morning, and it is freezing outside, we're wearing our comfy clothes, and probably sporting little to no makeup. Of course, prior to deciding it was "Gross Day," I did send a text to Cass that said, "LOOK CUTE or I will disown you."
I am SUCH a good friend.

Back to Degrassi, unsweet tea, cake pops, and quite possibly, if I am lucky, sleeeep.



  1. hay, we are soul sisters! i have two favorite songs... total eclipse is one of them!! the other is the freshmen by verve pipe.

  2. I watched the eclipse, too! And even though it's not one of my favorite songs, Total Eclipse is definitely the first one to pop into my head as soon as I heard about the eclipse. lol
    Trans Siberian Orchestra = epic. You will have an AWESOME time, I'm sure!

  3. ah! lets be blog friends... i Love total eclipse of the heart, i'm often found belting it out while i'm getting ready for work in the morning... and degrassi is the best show ever... just sayin'


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