Thursday, December 9, 2010

That test was a bummer. I "failed," but not as bad as I originally thought.
To be ServSafe certified, you need a 75% on the test... I got 72%. So really, only 3 or 4 questions kept me from making a "passing" grade.
I'm not too torn up about this because a) this does not effect m
y class grade b) I really have no need to be certified right now. Even though it lasts 5 years, I don't think I will need it anytime during that 5 years. BLAH. It'll be alright though.
Anyways... Other parts of my day were much more exciting:
*I took lots of cute photos with Colby Kern, only to realize I make the same faces every time.
*I got grocery store sushi and a Peppermint Mocha for dinner.
*Now I'm watching cheesy movies and drinking tea, and writing cute notes on magazine pages.
Oh, and I took a bubble bath. Always a good time. Haha:)

Maybe someday I'll be able to pass that silly test.
Seriously, it was SO hard. Lame.



  1. I love your positive outlook!

    And now I want some sushi...and a bubble bath!

  2. So glad you commented on my post! I love your blog! And I like how you love sushi too! Not many of my female friends do! I'm going to follow you on twitter :]
    -Allison Kaye

  3. Aw that sucks! Your magazine pages activity sounds fun though :)

  4. Hello! I just found your blog via Campfire Chic and I totally love it!

  5. can you hook me up with one of those magazine letters..omg i love the thought!


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