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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i liked today a lot.
despite getting to see Blake for less than 20 minutes today, it was a good day.
my english final was worth 50 points. and how did we earn those 50 points? we played monopoly for an hour, and then answered questions about how it relates to reality... i feel that this has nothing to do with english, but i am in no way complaining. this was an awesome alternative to a "real" final.
and i'm sure that i did a less than desirable job on my math final. but i'm okay with it. i hate that class.
and i'm going to probably jinx myself saying this, but - i totally KILLED my final. it wasn't easy, by no means, but it wasn't too difficult.
i have one more left - my safety and sanitation class. yuck. but whatever. i'm just ready to be done with this semester.
i'm staying with grandma again for grandma night part two, since the majority of grandma night last night was spent doing homework we couldn't turn in for a grade (bummer). so we're trying again tonight. +i got "I'm Still Here" in the mail from netflix today, so i'm gonna watch that tonight.
its not a high profile relationship, but joaquin phoenix and i are suuuper in love. :)
speaking of love:
can you tell what my two favorite things are?
boyfriend & cupcakes.
that's all i need.
and Jesus.
but i don't have a picture of him.
so i'll probably need to track one down to add to my favorite things collection in my car..

xo haley

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