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Sunday, December 5, 2010

127 Hours.
you want to see this movie.
trust me.
I saw it last night.
I don't think that there is a word to describe this movie - it was one of the most stressful movies I've seen in a while. I knew how it ended (its a true story and my dad remembers when this happened, told me what exactly happened to the dude, etc), so I'm not sure why I was so stressed out, but I loved it.
But for real. Go see it.

I'm trying to convince my dad he needs to see it; He loved the trailer (and the fact that Band of Horses was used in it). When he heard The Funeral start playing, he got really excited and yelled "Its B.O.H!!" - he's really cool. :)

Anyways - yet again, last night was another perfect night.
I have a crush on my life right now.
I have been so anxious to get to this point in my life that I just want it to stay this way forever. But another part of me is really excited to grow up and live life with my favorite person in the world. Either way, I'm quite content with life.



  1. Ohhh, we talked about this movie in my English class! I absolutely want to see it when I get the chance!

  2. i love that movie! it's so inspirational and scary all at once. i can't stop thinking about it and i saw it a week ago. aaron ralston was on leno a few nights ago to talk about it.

  3. I heard that it's supposed to be the best movie of the year but I, too, remember this and what this poor guy went through, and I'd be stressed just waiting for the big finish. And I still haven't seen The Deathly Hallows. I'm such a nerd.

    xo Erin


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