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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm incredibly happy.

December, so far, has been lovely. The weather is less than desirable. I strongly dislike the cold.
The tea room I work at was the host of a Cats (the musical) themed birthday party... for a 4 year old. Needless to say, this was, by far, the coolest birthday party I've ever seen. I can't imagine being 4 and liking that musical - but whatever. Kudos to her parents. Or something.
I'm supposed to be baking a cheesecake right now, but I'm not in the mood.
I was also supposed to write a 6 page paper this afternoon. Did I do that? Nope.
I've laid in bed all day, thinking about what I should be doing. I did take the time to get ready and put on makeup - to go absolutely nowhere. Although, I'll probably go to McDonald's soon. I've been craving a happy meal (I think its because of those Sanrio watches. I need one).
I made my December playlist today, too. Maybe tomorrow I'll share that. Probably.
Speaking of tomorrow: I get American Beauty in the mail from Netflix. I'm pretty stoked about that.
Speaking of Netflix: There Will Be Blood was fantastic. I was super impressed with the music. Holy gosh, the score was just beautiful. I think I've found myself some new sleeping music.
Speaking of music: listen to How To Dress Well and your life will automatically be better. Mandy would agree with this statement. We're How To Dress Well buddies.
My dad came in my room and danced for like 2 seconds to the xx. It was the cutest thing. He also made bacon this morning. From a pig. That he killed. The thought is grossing me out, but it was so, so tasty.

I'm done now.
ttyl, folks.


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  1. wonderful blog dear!
    I agree with the weather, it's been terribly chilly.


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