Friday, December 3, 2010

I am finally taking the time to watch There Will Be Blood tonight. I'm pretty stoked. Lately, I've been watching forever long movies, but I'm enjoying it (lately: Mulholland Drive & Inland Empire. Granted, I fell asleep during Inland Empire, but I'll finish it someday).
Anyways, ever since I saw The Last of the Mohicans in 8th grade, I've had the biggest crush on Daniel Day Lewis... so needless to say, him being in this movie gives it an A+ already. I have no doubt that it'll be good though. 2007 was a good year for movies (No Country For Old Men came out around the same time as There Will Be Blood, and I LOVED that one).
127 Hours is at The Moxie now! I juuust found out about this movie, and now I'm really excited about seeing it. My dad offered to take me to see it tonight, but I declined, due to seeing it with Blake soon. Yet again, 127 Hours stars James Franco, whom I've had a crush on ever since I saw Spiderman when I was 12. HOLY COW, Harry Osborn was a cutie! :) And while I'm at it...
I love Gaspard Ulliel, too.
I'm not sure how that obsession started, but I just know that my sophomore year of high school, I came across a picture of him (I think maybe because he was in the running for Edward in the Twilight movies).. and my friend Kayla and I fell in love, rented all of his movies, and fell in love even more. He's pretty beautiful.
Dear Daniel Day Lewis, James Franco, and Gaspard Ulliel:
I love you all. Lets all live happily ever after. If only that were legal.
xo, Haley.


  1. i really enjoyed there will be blood, let me know what you think!! :)

  2. Miss Hailey, I think we may have a problem.
    James Franco is already taken by me! hehe jk
    Don't I wish♥
    He is sooo adorable & i love how intelligent he is!

    Did you hear he's hosting the Oscars?
    I nvr watch but u bet i will be tuning in for him :)



    PS I had a post I did about him, he won leading man on GQ mag. Yepp. He's out leading man huh? hehe♥


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