merry merry christmas (eve)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Last night was a fun one. My family had a pre-Christmas get together, with soups and sandwiches, and such. It was a really good time. Blake got to meet the family, and he did very well. :)
Oh! and Blake and I exchanged Christmas presents last night. I need to take pictures of what he got me since he later said, "you better blog the s*** out of your gifts" (have I every mentioned how cute my boyfriend can be sometimes?).
BUT - I did wear my SUPER awesome wolf t-shirt he got me when he was in Branson. I specifically asked for one. :) oh, and he also got me Arcade Fire's The Suburbs on vinyl, too, to compliment the record player my parents got me. He's a good boyfriend. :)
(oh, and grandpa wanted to try out photo booth again...)
So Merry Christmas.
I hope you all have a very happy/cozy/warm/wonderful holiday.
♥ Haley

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