I think all I do is paint.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I have been painting like no other lately! Its ridiculous. And I love it.
Sometimes, I just need to take a [well deserved] break from all things arts & crafts to re-evaluate where I want this "hobby" of mine to go. How I want to develop it, and what I want to do with the talent my grandma swears I have.
Anyways, I've gotten back into it lately, and as someone asked - here is what I made for Blake for Christmas:
My original inspiration for it came from listening to the song "Die Slow" by one of Blake's favorite bands, HEALTH. And also from browsing through Miss Janellybean's flickr and stumbling upon this gem of a journal page. I fell in love with the concept and design and applied it to the painting. Colby helped me out with the layout of it all, too. :)
Cassie came over today and we spent hours laying on the floor watching episodes from the first season of Nip Tuck and eating Christmas candy. And painting. She painted a picture of her tattoo (which is a feather), and I came up with this:
Cass and I were flipping through old issues of Nylon for "inspiration" and I came across an illustration of Peaches Geldof sitting on a tv. This is the result of seeing that picture.

Time for sleepies.
I have a full day tomorrow, and then seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra with Blake and his parents on Wednesday. Excited! ♥
xo haley


  1. Ooh, I love it! You ARE talented, and these are so lovely!

  2. LOVE your tv painting! It looks amazing :]

  3. Obsesssed with Nip Tuck. Fantastic show. Extremely addicting. Also, I'd have to agree with your Grandma. You are really talented. I'd love to hang one of your paintings in my apartment.

  4. i absolutely love your new blog layout and graphics! super cute haley!

  5. O M G !!!
    Love your paintings! If I painted as well as you, I'd paint all the time also :)



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