Dear Joaquin, I used to love you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I watched this last night:I've had a crush on Joaquin Phoenix for about 5 years now. Its a pretty serious crush. Or should I say... it was a serious crush. I'm Still Here has ruined Joaquin for me. For real.
I know that the whole thing was just a hoax... but really. He was absolutely insane, and it was sort of scary sometimes. I laughed through most of it just because of how ridiculous he was. But anyways... I no longer have a crush on Mr. Phoenix. But as soon as I watch Walk the Line this weekend (for the millionth time), I'll probably be right back in obsession mode.

Dear Joaquin Phoenix,
Snorting cocaine, getting blow jobs from prostitutes, and rapping really, really badly is not the way to win over a girl. Just sayin.
xo Haley

I am the master of trickery.

Grandpa kept asking me what I was doing and who I was sending "that" to. He doesn't really understand Photo Booth (he doesn't understand at all, actually) so he had no idea I was making a video. I wish I would've kept recording a bit longer because after he got on his laptop, he started dancing/singing to "Turn the Beat Around" ....yup. Sorry you guys missed that one.


  1. Hahaha your Grandpa is too cute!! I love your laugh. And I to use to love Joaquin til I was told that I wasn't allowed to ask for his autograph while I was in the same bar as him on my visit to LA. He was "one of those" type of too good actors. Meh!

  2. haha. i use to like him too (esp after walk the line) but now... i have to agree with you. He's a little too crazy for my taste now. lol


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