2010 is so last year.

Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year from the girls with the matching hair cut. :) we also have a bit of advice for you:

2010 has been okay-ish, but its definitely time for a new year and a brand new start.
i hope you all have a wonderful night. i have to work for a bit, and then i'm staying in with the brother and his girlfriend. the boyfriend is in chicago seeing his very favorite band. i'm sad we can't spend this (lame) "holiday" together, but he gets to see his favorite band. so i'm excited for him. :)
have a really awesome last night of 2010.
xoxo haley

bret michaels wanted to wish you a happy new year as well..


  1. your coolness points just went through the roof for posting that Brett Michaels picture. gold star for you. :]
    I really hope you're having a good new year's. <333you! x

  2. Have the best NEW YEAR 2011!! :)
    Lots of love!!

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