Saturday, December 18, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter...
you know that I love Degrassi.
This has seriously been my favorite TV show since 7th grade.
GUYS. Jimmy got his legs back... :)
And Craig was always my favorite... including that gross coke habit and the mental breakdown. I still love you, Craig. I. Still. Love. You.
Degrassi isn't so great anymore.
I definitely prefer the old episodes.
I've recently been waaaay into the 2nd & 3rd seasons. I think Degrassi covers every issue a teenage could ever come across in their young teenage lives. Cutting, rape, piercings, friends stealing your boyfriend, even plus size modeling! This show has EVERYTHING. :)

xoxo Hay


  1. i share your love of degrassi, but this season is so ridiculous i stopped watching!
    i also love craig, but i loved the downfall of darcy... just SO good!

  2. I totally agree with all of this! Including the fact that it's just not as good now. I'll still watch newer episodes once in a while, but mostly I just stick to the old ones when they're on.
    If you like Degrassi, you maaay like Skins. It's British! And I find it way more intense.

  3. I'm not alone! Yay! I love that show too. Haha. :)


  4. I was addicted to this show as well. I also love Craig though all that crap he went through. :)

  5. i agree. i even still watch the season that is on right now... though it is a bit painful to watch at times lol.

  6. I agree, love it and still will watch reruns never gets old <3

  7. OMG!!! i just watched all 10 seasons, back to back. it was insane. craig is the cutest. gah his druggie days were so hard to watch. and would he and ellie just get it on?! damn. lol.


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