I Heart Kanye West.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm sorry, but I love Kanye more than life itself, I'm pretty sure.
He is a musical genius and I've had his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on repeat for the past week (I'm proud to report that I can do bits & pieces of each song, but its the Haley-super-white versions).
I am going to be very bold right now: Kanye West is my hero.
I'm going to be extremely bold, yet again: I'm a huge fan of what he did to Taylor Swift.
Now - before you go unfollowing me and all that jazz..
Beyonce SO had the best video of all time! I'm not even joking. Her video for Single Ladies was so simple - but amazing. Can you dance like Beyonce? Probably not. I know I can't - Breigh and I tried one time. Taylor Swift's video was STUPID.. her music is.. yuck. And when Kanye got up on that stage and rightfully ruined Taylor's "moment" ... he was just saying what every single one of us were thinking. Just saying. :)
Anyways, this was not the direction I intended to go..
Back to my love for Kanye:

Just look - he's so adorable!
spare 35 minutes and watch this sucker. You'll love it. :)

I just really love this man.

xo. Hay


  1. I am going to agree that Kanye does know how to make a great song.... great music. I like Kanye. I am not effected in the least by the whole Taylor Swift mess or his other shows for attention. I will say that as much as he said what a LOT of people were probably thinking, his timing and choice of way to say that was kinda poor judgment. I don't think it would have gone over bad if he would have just said what he said in an interview rather than hijacking the poor girl's acceptance speech time... HOWEVER, it doesn't change the fact that I like his music :)

  2. Fact: I didn't really have an opinion or much knowledge of Kanye before the incident.
    Another Fact: When I heard about the incident I secretly thought "whoever this guy is...well.. he's awesome." I completely agree that Taylor's music is no good.

  3. GROSS GROSS GROSS. I love Kanye's music, but just because you can make good music doesn't make you great in any other aspect! We will have to agree to disagree on this, forever. :)

  4. Kanye IS amazing! I haven't bought the new album yet, but I will take your word for it now! If you say it's good it must be! ALSO I was SOO bugged when taylor swift won... BEYONCE's video kicked Taylor Swifts video's ass!

    Thanks for posting what I was thinking! :)

  5. I would just like to start off by saying I love your blog.
    Secondly, I completely disagree with the Kanye thing. He does have talent but he also has a lot of attitude and thinks way to highly of himself. I don't care who SHOULD have won the award, Taylor did. I also love me some T.Swift. Even if you think her music sucks it is really catchy and she's quite the business woman (or has hired people who are). Saying T. Swift has no talent is similar to saying Britney Spears has no talent... granted Britney can't honestly sing well to save her life but she is a tried and true entertainer and to deny that is crazy (to me at least).
    Also, Kanye really lost any respect i had for him on SNL a couple years back when he performed love lockdown and heartless. I'll agree he has talent as a writer, but his singing sucks.
    He's a man child in his temper tantrums and I don't agree with that Diva attitude no matter who someone is.
    again, I love your blog, you're amazing.

  6. I am a die hard Kanye fan through and through. I even met him when I was in college BEFORE his 1st CD came out. True fan status right there.

  7. Agreed miss haley! Taylor Swift is complete yuck just as you said. Me and my sisters and a few of our friends have a rule that if we catch each other singing we get a nice smack on the hand. Haha. She definitely didn't deserve that award.

    Kanye's music is glorious. One of my many weakness' for sure.


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