merry christmas♥

Saturday, December 25, 2010

we woke up to snow falling this christmas morning and it was absolutely wonderful. it just completes the holiday. so so fun.
this is the first christmas in years that i haven't felt like crying. i am so incredibly grateful for my family, and for what they put up with from me. they are the most amazing family ever.
not to mention - santa did a pretty rockin job at making this christmas a good one.
this was after santa came for a little visit. he gave me a record player (my first!), tucker got the newest call of duty, cooper got some sort of gun (i have no clue; i have zero interest in that) and trevor got an..i don't know what that huge red thing is. a tool holder? hahaha i'm clueless.
santa did good! :)
this is my cute little family. i have three brothers, all younger than me. they are fun, but they can be rowdy and ruuude.these are the AWESOME grandkids. grandma and grandpa spoil each and every one of us. (grandma is really good about leaving me starbucks money in the morning before i leave for school. she's so awesome. -we also both got starbucks & barnes and noble gift cards, so she asked me to go on a coffee/book date with her. soo cute.)
and this is the whole bunch. i love every single person. especially little max. he's the cutest. :)

i hope you all had a very merry christmas.
mine's not over yet!
i get to go to a movie with the boyfriend and his parents after eating dinner with my dad' side of the family.
its been a really, really good day.

xo hay

oh, and p.s.
i am SO afraid of Blythes...
and look what was on my doorstep this morning?


  1. Merry Christmas!

    PS You Blythe is cute! Who gave it to you?

  2. oh my goodness. that is terrible! it's like if i found a clown on my doorstep...


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