Wednesday, December 1, 2010

this december i will:
*make it a habit to hang out with family more than friends
*find the best christmas present ever for blake. and colby. (and i suppose i need to find presents for my brothers too..)
*go see the pretty lights at silver dollar city
*watch too many christmas movies and drink too much hot chocolate and apple cider
*hang out with grandma as much as possible (and totally dominate at jeopardy)
*stop procrastinating about the end of the semester things i need to do
*stop complaining about the cons of next semester
*be thankful for how wonderful november was
*make december even better than november

its going to be a good month.
now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to drive 30seconds down the road to get Sonic for breakfast, before i go back to sleep.
♥ haley

1 comment:

  1. is it even possible to drink too much hot chocolate or apple cider? haha. happy december!


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