too early for Christmas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

today, my boss & i spent the day getting the tea room ready for the Christmas open house going on this weekend in town.
a) its only november 12th. too soon.
b) its not even thanksgiving yet. too soon.
c) too. freaking. soon.
there is no need for the businesses downtown to be covered in garland and christmas lights. no. need. its way too soon for christmas!

anyways, we had some really good conversation about kanye west and ate some life changing pumpkin fudge.
so basically, it was a good day. other than the mid november christmas decor.

tomorrow, i'm cutting my hair.
like, cutting, cutting.
i'm only semi freaking out.
it'll be something close to this:
Colby has been telling me to cut my hair like "that girl in the Wristcutters movie" for the longest time. Like, years. When we watched the movie he told me to do it. And every time I talk about doing something with my hair he's always like, "well... you know what you should do..."
soo.. I think i'm gonna do it. i'm nervous. but whatevs. hair grows back.
so, tonight, i'm making a "winter wreath" for the tea room, watching movies, cleaning my room, and saying goodbye to my pretty hair. :(
dear semi/not really long hair,
i worked really hard to grow out my hair. we've had a good run. see you again in a few years, maybe. xo, haley.


  1. You will look beautiful with your new do! That is exciting!

  2. If your ready for a change, the bigger the better. Great face for a pixie too!

  3. We went to our town's square the other night for dinner and I realized that every shop already had Christmas trees and all kinds of Christmas decorations out! I kind of squealed because it was the first Christmas lights I have seen so far! The first ones of the year usually bring out a squeal in me :)

    I can't wait to see your new hair!! You will be cute in anything!!


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