Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27: pets.
Really, I don't have any pets.
My dad has a fish, we call him Freddy. But that's it.
Over the years, we've had fish, hermit crabs, and 2 dogs. My first dog was Wallie (because we got him at Walmart). He got really, really big, and we had to get rid of him. He was growing much faster than the kiddos in the family.
Our second dog was Sam. He was a chihuahua. For the most part, the entire family really disliked him. So after a few years, we gave him to my 6 year old cousin. Her dad let Sam out one day, and Sam never came back. Too bad.

30 Days of Truth: Day something. I don't know: something you could live without.
- caffeine.
- a guilty conscious.
- college.

Tonight, I'm watching The Room with one of my friends.
I. Am. Stoked.
I have been hearing about this movie for over a year now, and I finally decided to put it higher up on my Netflix queue .
:)) have a good night.

P.s. whip yo hair.

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