Monday, November 15, 2010

today will not be a productive day, i can tell already.
i think my mom has finally come to terms with the fact that on mondays, i just like to stay in bed all day. i don't think its a big deal, really. :)

i don't have a lot to say these days.
life is good. i'm happy.
this is the happiest i've been in months. so i don't have much complaining to do lately (except, why did i cut my cussing hair. i'm so stuuupid!)

lately, all i've wanted to do is look at tattoos, and plan for my next one (which i'm hoping will be in january or february. crossing my fingers).
if i hadn't gotten mine a few months ago, i think by now, i wouldn't even care anymore. the longer i waited, the less i cared about getting one.
...but i got my first tattoo, and now i'm addicted.
this one is killer! i want a Shining-inspired tattoo! :)
isn't that last one rad?? i wish i could commit to something like that. but its one of those things i know i wouldn't like in a few years. but you're only young once.

...and while looking through we heart it at the pretty tattoos, mine popped up a few times.
i love it! :)

ok, i think i might actually get up and do something.
i have to pay my stupid speeding ticket today. LAME.

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