i doubt i'll be sleeping anytime soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I haven't been able to go to bed at a decent time in a while. Unless its the weekend. Then I'm out by like 7:30. I'm unlucky like that.
So. I'm making an early Christmas list.
Because I can.
holy. cow. i want this shirt like, a lot. p.s. janelly bean is doing a giveaway for one of Thief & Bandit's pretty, pretty bracelets. ...you should probably check it out. :)
the prettiest leg warmers ever. I want/need them. :)
this Bat For Lashes hoodie. Yes. Please. But it's out of stock. LAME.
the most perfect apron in the world. i'm in love.

I want Christmas right now. But, I suppose I can't rush these things though... I mean, its only the 2nd week of November. I'm getting ahead of myself.
Oh, and maybe someday, if i'm lucky enough (crossing fingers), i will have a cute little girl so she can wear this coat. sigh. if only. :)

My legs hurt really, really bad for some unknown reason.
So I'm gonna go take my 3rd bubble bath this week.
And. I think I'm finally getting sleepy.


  1. i just went to the listing and noticed it's a skull! i'm not really a skull-type-of-girl but it's still cute!

  2. I love baking that aprons would be soo cute for any girl♥

    Plus that bat for lashes sweatshirt is pretty awesome ..!
    ur blog is so cute, i think i am gonna follow you now :)




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