happy black friday, love max & haley

Friday, November 26, 2010

while grandma, mom, and aunt leslie are off doing some black friday shopping, mr. max and i stayed home to play with photobooth and watch tv (i suuuper don't like hd. i'm probably the only person in the world that doesn't). (he loves giving kisses. its the sweetest thing ever!)
i hadn't seen him in what felt like forever. he's walking so, so well now, and he can say his name (sort of), and he can tell you how old he is. its too adorable.

happy shopping day! i've only gotten out once for Starbucks (i've never been so excited for a cup of coffee). i'm doing horribly with my no-caffeine plan, but i'm going to give it another shot soon. maybe. we'll see.
xo. haley


  1. These pictures are the cutest!! Max is so adorable, I don't think I could ever stop hugging him!
    I actually went shopping today. Got up at 4:30am. It was crazy. I've drank SO much coffee and my feet officially hate me. [note to self: don't wear brand new shoes to go shopping for hours]
    I hope you and Max have a great rest of your day!!


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