100th post is not as epic as i thought it would be (+something special)

Monday, November 29, 2010

*the giveaway is closed. sorry you missed it, sucka* :)

I am feeling MUCH more positive now! I think I just needed to feel like I actually accomplished something today to feel decent. So, I cleaned my room (a little) and worked for 2 straight hours on papers for my political science class. I'm about to start on the outline for my final essay in my english class, which is called "What Is a Place" and is supposed to be about a significant place in my life. I can't really think of anywhere in my life that I could write about for 4-6 pages. No where. Except New York. I've only been there once, but I think I could write pages and pages worth of crap that only has meaning to me (such as the elevator in our hotel that we took a picture in every morning). Haha, maybe that's what I'll do.
Maybe I'll share the final draft of the essay here... if 4-6 pages worth of writing doesn't bore you. :)

Random facts about my day:
*I got out of bed at 11:30, and made breakfast, got back in bed, then got out at 2:30 to make lunch.
*I figured out how to successfully keep my hair up in a bun, even though its really too short to put up at all.
*Got a "latte" at McDonald's because the closest Starbucks is 20 minutes away, and I didn't want to drive that far just for my comfort drink.
*While in the drive-thru at McDonald's, I saw a car that had 2 cats just sitting in the back window of the car. I laughed for maybe 2 minutes over that.
*I watched Glee with my brother, who was "sick" today. He was in complete awe over the Glee version of the Katy Perry song "Teenage Dream" - trust me, this kid is definitely not a Glee fan, so this must mean something.
*wrote a review on the war for my political science class, using a Conservative magazine. Most boring and depressing thing ever.
*Wrote 2 reviews for movies for the same political science class (any class where you can review V for Vendetta for a grade is pretty awesome).
*Watched a grand total of 4 Jeopardy episodes with my grandparents. Every time Grandpa answered a question right he'd lean over to me, hold his hand out, and say, "hold your applause, please." Annoying.
*I'm getting bored with how boring my day has been.

Last night was the best night ever, but I'm going to be very vague about it, because I can.
Blake made me dinner (and it was yummy), and hot tea, and we watched Amelie. It was perfect.
It would've been a bit more perfect if the Home Alone 2 VHS would've worked, but alas, Christmas movie watching will have to be saved for another night. :)

I should probably work on this stupid essay now.


p.s. this is officially my 100th post. I feel like this should be way more epic than it really is.
Hmm. I guess I can do a giveaway. You know, since I want to fit in in the blog world, or whatever :)
Leave me a comment giving me a Christmas movie suggestion, and you can win one of these lovelies, much like the one I gave away on Danielle's blog:
If you win, I'll get in contact with you and personalize a sketchbook for you, and whatnot). GOOD LUCK ♥


  1. four christmases! it is hilarious!!
    or of course, elf! classic.
    and yay for 100 posts!

  2. Yay for 100 posts! I have been watching Christmas movies lately. I would of course say Elf or Grinch but I also love A Christmas Story. :)

    ooh also I just remember I love love love those clay animation Christmas movies! The BEST! (Rudolph is my favorite of course!)

  3. ELF!!! or It's a wonderful life..pure classic

  4. The Year Without a Santa Clause has to be my personal recommendation for a Christmas movie--it's the best! Though A Christmas Story is a close second...

  5. Congratulations lovie... on the big 100! It really is epic (btw, this word makes me feel old, like I shouldn't use it b/c I'm now part of the 30club. eek.)
    Since Elf is already voted for... I'm gonna go with my alltime favorite... White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney. Swoon on the eye candy of the 50s!

  6. I LOVE White Christmas with Bing Crosby...pretty much the best classic Christmas movie ever! And Elf just for fun!

  7. Ooh, a hip-hip-hooray on reaching the one-oh-oh! I just got my 200th a bit ago, and it seemed like it took FOREVER to get there! Haha, so fun. And I'm gonna have to go with It's a Wonderful Life (although it makes me sob)- thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  8. My favorite is Elf, but I have to go with How the Grinch Stole Christmas!!! Love the sketchbooks, so lovely! Also, loved that issue of Nylon with the Unbearable Lightness of Being!

  9. Wow, Elf seems to be the contender! Although, I would have to say Little Women, even though it's not technically a Christmas movie!

  10. conrats on the 100th post, very cool.
    and i would have to say for the movies go with
    White Christmas; its a classic, it will make you laugh and cry. My mom and i watch it every year together its our favourite.

  11. congrats on your 100th!

    a few of my favorites that i can suggest arrrrrre: 1. Batman Returns (doesnt scream xmas but, its christmas-esque) 2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (HILARIOOUUUS!) & my all time favorites 3. Home Alone & 4. Home Alone 2 (who didn't grow up loving these movies?!)


  12. I'm going to have to stay with the classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" cartoon version!! And ps I love your blog (even when you think it's boring)! :)


  13. I hate to conform, but...totally elf.

  14. This time of year doesn't feel like xmas to me until I've seen The Snowman :D
    Plus there are always loads of fun family movies on tv to watch, I always watch Wallace & Gromit when it shows :)

  15. I actually really liked the Polar Express! I think its pretty and inspiring.

    ps - i think that's totally funny about your grandpa watching jeopardy!!

  16. Happy 100th post to ya ♥

    I used to watch Jeopardy with Grandpa and he would just hell out the answers. awww :)

    Oh which war did u write about? just wonderin', political science is my next class to take!

    A Christmas movieee ... A Muppets Christmas Carol! I can never get enough of that move :)


    PS OMG 20 min away fron Starbucks? gees in LA there is one at almost every main street hehe!

  17. congrats!
    i'm watching teenage dream on GLee right now!
    also, four christmases was good.. really funny! i love vince vaughn.

  18. Elf is always my first choice. You sit on a throne of lies!!!! But since it's been talked about so much already, I'll sayyyy.... A Christmas Story. Or Christmas Vacation. No, wait!!! The Holiday. I watched it the other day. Just makes me happy. :)
    Love you, my friend!!!! xo

  19. A Christmas Story? CLASSIC! You'll shot your eye out...

  20. christmas movie suggestion? groundhog day. because it's AMAZING!

  21. The best Christmas movie of all time is Elf. I watch it year round but it's especially wonderful during the Christmas season :). Congrats on your 100th post. It seems like it's supposed to be a big deal but I didn't feel like it was all that extraordinary when I hit 100 either :)


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