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Thursday, November 25, 2010

so, its a tradition to make our christmas lists after we eat on thanksgiving. but our actual thanksgiving dinner is on saturday. so it doesn't really feel like thanksgiving. anyways, i went ahead and made my list. i was a bit excited. i just have a lot of christmas spirit this year.:)
so here's my christmas list:i want this dress more than anything in the world ever. for real.Twilight Saga Scene It. Yes. I am legitimately asking for this. And when I get it, I'm having a huge party to play this beautiful game.
so i don't exactly need this exact record player... but i want it. its too pretty. and to go with that pretty record player, i need these records:

prettiest. rain boots. ever. i'm not sure where i can find these, but i want them. like, bad.
the Bat For Lashes jacket that I REALLY wanted is out of stock, so i'll gladly settle for this one, i guess...:)

pretty handmade mocs. (please and thank you, mom)

happy thanksgiving! :)
xo. haley

p.s. i also really want a pink KitchenAid mixer. that's all. :)


  1. Haha that's my exact Christmas list minus a few things.that record player is so cute.

  2. hell yes to the handmade mocs. I am begging my mom for those too. :]
    I hope you have a happy turkey fest on Saturday!

  3. Great list--I adore that record player! So cute.

    Anyways, on a side note, I love your new hair. I think it's adorable. xo

  4. Very cute christmas list and those welly boots are by Orla Kiely :)


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