christmas is my favorite.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

unless you consider my birthday a holiday, then christmas is my very favorite. its not so much presents, even though i like those a lot, too, but i love apple cider and the breakfast casserole that my grandma only makes on christmas morning. silly reasons to like christmas, i know. but for real. those are my reasons.
other things i like about this time of the year:
- all of the candy my momma makes
- how cozy my mom makes the house seem
- the many jammies nights colby and i have when it gets cold outside
- red cups at starbucks. duh.
- the Baptist version of midnight mass on christmas eve
- listening to the Bright Eyes & Sufjan Stevens christmas albums
- christmas socks (even though i don't have any. so i wear my valentines day socks instead)
- christmas movies! (i'm so watching Home Alone tonight!)
- lots of hot tea & books. perfect nights like that make the season wonderful

i can't wait to have a place of my own to make cute little handmade decorations for.
and i'll need a pink christmas tree, too.

+i'm experiencing a bit of hair envy right now:
so so so pretty. but for right now.. i'm stuck with this:
rather simple. and sort of mommy ish. i'm working on it. i keep dying it darker, but can never commit to anything other than dark brown. haha. maybe someday i'll actually take a risk with my hair and dye it some crazy color. or get some crazy cut. we'll see. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I am envying her pink hair, too! It makes me want to run and dye mine right this moment.

  2. I love that pink christmas tree! So So pretty! I love Christmas, but not as much as Thanksgiving! I just love this time of year. As for pink hair. I am planning on dying my best friend's hair pink again. She had been pink before, but she misses it, so fun times. I am at the point of wanting chop all of my hair off again. I go through phases of chopping my hair off pixie/boy short. I love it but I get so self concious with it. I should just tough it out, but it's so fun to change up the hair, I might cave. Wow. This comment is longer than I intended. Have a great monday.

  3. I LOVE the pink christmas tree!! i have one as well that i would use in my room at college!! and i love your short hair,,, im pretty rational when it comes to my hair, so dark brown it is for me too!! happy thanksgiving week!!

  4. Pink christmas trees are the best. I finally found the perfect pink tree it took me years to find it. At boarders book store so not the place I would of thought.


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