Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28: something that stresses you out.
School. I really underestimated how stressful community freaking college would be. I really, really dislike OTC, and can't wait to transfer. My parents want me to wait it out another year before making the move to Southeast, but ... I really don't think it's worth it. Laaame.

30 Days of Truth: Day 17: A book that has changed your views on something.
I'm not sure if this book changed my views on much, but it has definitely been very influential in my life as a reader.
I first read The Giver when I was in 4th grade. I was 10, I think. I have read it at least 4 times in the past 7ish years. Every so often, I just have to read it again.
The story is set in this "perfect" town (very Pleasantville-ish to me, everything is black and white, with zero color, and everyone is practically perfect), but throughout the book, you realize this town is not perfect at all. The government is all for what is called "Sameness" in which everyone is the same; the have predetermined careers that are given to them at a certain age, they have rules to follow, and everyone is completely void of emotional depth.
The central character, Jonas, is presented with the job of being "The Giver" who is there to aid the government in any decisions that may come up. The previous Giver teaches Jonas of the town before "Sameness" and presents him with a much larger world outside of his own. Jonas experiences feelings of true happiness, pain, love, etc.
I'm not sure why this story affected me the way it did, but I have loved it for many, many years. It is definitely one of the most influential books in my life.

I was put in charge of getting all of the winter clothes put away - I was super angry that I had to do this at first, and then I happened upon a pretty, pretty quilt in the bottom of one of the boxes. Holy cow, I was so in love with it.
I immediately put it on my bed, and I really can't wait to go to sleep tonight because of it. It has the most perfect fall colors and its just.. pretty. I'm in love. ♥

Oh! And there's the owl pillow I got at Funtiques a while back for 5 bucks. Best. Ever. It says, "Gee, but I'm lonesome."
I also found this too-cute crochet baby jacket in the box, too. I'm not too entirely sure of why it was in the Winter clothing box, but... I'm so keeping this. Haha:)
other silly things from my week:
we had an assignment in my Safety & Sanitation class to eat a buffet and "observe" what was going on at the buffet and such. Well, my partners (2 dudes I hardly know) and I decided we weren't going to eat at some gross buffet, so we chose Hemingways in Bass Pro. Yup. Seafood all the way. We also noticed there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way they were operating the buffet, so now we have nothing to write our paper on. Haha. But, while at Bass Pro, we decided to get a picture of me with the bear to prove that I have been in Bass Pro (no one in my class believes me). Best photo ever. I absolutely love Red Velvet being 2 minutes away from my school. I can see that making quick trips over to RV for Bubble Tea between classes is going to become a very bad habit. I love it.

Have a happy Sunday :)
xo Haley

P.s. I watched The Room last night. Verdict: So. Effing. Retarded.
But I loved it so much I watched it again this morning.

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  1. anna and i went to red velvet the other day. :) i had the mango/green bubble tea... it was sooo good!


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