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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Room.
The most epic movie anyone will ever see in their lifetime. For real.
Tommy Wiseau is pretty much the best man alive. He made this gem of a movie and he also made the short film "The House That Drips Blood on Alex"... which is just as epic.
But seriously. The Room, although horribly executed (and horribly written, and just plain horrible), is amazing, beyond all comparison.
I watched this the other night with my friend, Blake, who's seen it probably a million times, and can quote pretty much all of it. It is absolutely ridiculous. This movie was by far the best part of my weekend. Sunday night was pretty rad too, when I found Wiseau's short film online.
I swear... I will SO make this cake for Blake's birthday next year. This is the best. Ever.
Watch the trailer.. and be amazed. :)

I'm sure you totally want to watch the movie now, right?
Thought so.
(you're tearing me apart, lisa!!!!) :))

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