Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm getting used to my short hair.
i don't cry over it anymore, at least. haha:)
i have nothing exceptional to say today.
other than i only have 3 ServSafe classes left of the semester - all 3 classes will be filled with tests too. Lame. but I am so thankful its almost over. I'm SO much closer to having my bakery after I become ServSafe certified. That is, if I pass the test, of course.

P.s. is there a job specifically for making playlists on iTunes? Because I'm pretty sure I could do that all day long...
as you can see, i'm totally a pro at making seasonal playlists. i have one for fall/winter/summer, AND for Sundays & at night.
Someone should pay me to do this junk.

xo hay


  1. you should post what songs are on each playlist. that'd be interesting to know :D

  2. #1 - i always cry over my hair when i cut it short, you are totally normal.
    #2 - amazing for only 1 month of school left, i can't wait for a break!
    #3 - so yeah, on top of making me a journal you're totally making me some kick ass playlists too riiiggghhtt?? ;)

  3. The short hair looks beyond perfect on you!


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