grandma nights + good friends

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

every monday night, i stay with my grandma. i've been doing this since maybe jr. high or so, and since i didn't move away for college, i continue to stay every monday with her. i love it. :)
a few mondays ago, mom wanted me to take pictures of our night so she could scrapbook it (of course), but this was the only picture that turned out somewhat decent:
but really, this is what grandma night is all about. getting in bed really early, eating too much candy, and watching movies on netflix.
of course, prior to getting in bed at like 7:30, grandma makes dinner, we watch jeopardy and lifetime movies, and then go to bed.
we. are. so. cool.

i get to hang out with the coolest girls ever. emjay is in town for the week, so we (+danielle & erin) are getting lunch and hanging out this afternoon! its going to be awesome.

so i should probably put clothing on now.
have a good day:)


  1. Really, I think that is the coolest relationship you have with your grandma. I'm actually a little jealous. Both of my grandparents live in town with me and I never take time to just spend with them. This kind of inspires me :)

  2. I think that grandma night sounds quite lovely. I wish my grandma lived a little closer to do that.


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