Who met the lead singer of Band of Horses? THIS GIRL.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonight was SO much fun. Band of Horses was absolutely incredible.
As I kept mentioning here (and on Twitter), I was supposed to meet the band.
Things did not go as planned, AT ALL.
Dad got a text from Nancy (the drummer's mother in-law), that said that Kings of Leon is from Oklahoma, and so all of their family & friends were there, and there were no more backstage passes... SO. Dad and I were like, it's cool, whatevs, at least we get to see them again (we saw them in October in KC).
After they were done playing, we took a mini break, and got some food, bought a SUPER cute t-shirt, and talked for a bit. Soon after all of this, Kings of Leon started playing. The crowd was absolutely RIDICULOUS. Gosh darn. Middle aged women in short clubbing dresses & cowboy boots. Ooh, buddy.
Anyways, dad and I moved to the back of the floor crowd, to finish eating and just chill, since we don't care of KOL too much.
And then.. Ben Bridwell, the lead singer of Band of Horses, walked past us. I. Freaked. I made my dad go over with me, and ask him to take a picture with me.
A little after that, the bassist walked by, too, but dad's phone had died by then. Sad. But at least I got to meet them!
It's funny because I was a bit bummed because I knew I wasn't going to go backstage and all that, and I was telling Blake about it, and he said he knew it was going to work out because I am the luckiest person he knows... I guess that's true, especially after tonight. :)
xoxo Haley


  1. yayayayayayay that's so exciting! just had to tell you how jealous I am again! haha

  2. Eeep! How awesome. =D

  3. You are wicked lucky! I am super happy for you!! Hearts, Janna Lynn


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