I'm a little obsessed...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I think I have my entire wedding planned. Would it be silly to start making stuff for it now, even though my wedding will be like, 3 to 4 years away..? :)
I came across this photo today: and I am officially obsessed with the colors.
I am fairly positive that these are my official wedding colors.
They're just so perfect...
sigh. I'm not going to get married for a long time..
A girl can dream, right?

xo Hay


  1. im so coming to your wedding!!

  2. Yes, yes a girl CAN dream! These are some insanely beautiful colors. The beautiful yellows are my favorites. <3 :]

  3. You should definitely wait! :) Your style will change so much over the next few years! :) Just keep an open mind girly!


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