Storms are coming!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breigh and I are hunkering down and getting ready for the crazy weather that's supposed to come! We are thoroughly creeped out by pretty much everything, so walking from the shed (where I parked my car), back to the house in the ridiculous wind was not fun.
I think we're about to watch House of Wax and eat some tomato noodles. We're stoked!

Boyfriend left me a note on my car while I was in class that he was taking us to get sushi and cupcakes after school. We ended up stopping by Red Velvet & Funtiques before going to Kai for dinner. And after dinner, I wasn't really ready for cupcakes, so.. we skipped that. Maybe next time, yes boyfriend? :)

Have a wonderful night, and watch tonight's Parks and Recreation on Hulu tomorrow. :)

xo Haley


  1. mmm, i always crave sushi! yeah, sushi and cupcakes doesn't sound like the best mix, although great separately!

  2. Tonights park & rec was DOPE!!!! ;)


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