Little peaks around my room.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My room is so cozy right now. I can't wait to do some crafting and Netflix watching tonight.
Nights alone are very rare, so I'm taking advantage of this one.
Christmas is over, I'm aware. The tree is too cute to put away, though!
My little craft area is sooo messy! But this is the cleanest its been in a very long time.
The books I've been meaning to read.. oops.
So that's all I have for tonight.
I'm just staying in, and hanging out at home. Maybe going to the gym with my momma later. If I feel up to it. I've been a sleepy girl lately!
Tomorrow is Record Store Day! So boyfriend and I are going to pick out some records, as well as go back to Funtiques and get the soundtrack to the original version of The Omen we found on vinyl yesterday! (Yesterday, I said I didn't need it... but this morning I changed my mind)
Later we're meeting up with his parents to go to an Elton John concert! We're pretty darn excited. :)
Oh, and look at this tattoo!
This is my friend Sarah. She chose to get matryoshka doll because her adopted sister is from Russia. Dasha (her sister) got one too! It's so stinking adorable in person. I absolutely love it.
(and obviously, it's not finished yet. She goes back in 2 or so weeks. I'm so excited to see it finished!)
Love you!
xo Haley


  1. Haley I think we could be great friends in real life! Have fun at record store day tomorrow!

  2. I'm going to the Elton John concert too! EEEEEK!

  3. That looks so pretty and so does your room! I love it all, and you! duh!

  4. My stack of books to read is about that tall too, haha. Hope you had a wonderful night! =]

  5. My girl is listening to Salem?! Im so proud! That definitely makes up for all the Bieber and Ke$ha you made me listen to! :)

  6. Ohmygoodness! I just got my boy that record player for his law school graduation gift! He loves it :)


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