Today is For..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Last night, I stayed up for like, ever to see Kanye West live at coachella.
He finally started.
And I fell asleep half way through.
Boy, he is amazing.

Today is for:
-writing a children's story about an owl and a sparrow
-watching lots of game shows
-hanging out in pajamas (duh, i do every monday. haha)
-taking lots of tylenol because cramps are no bueno
-mayyybe going to work out.

Today is going to be a good day.
I hope so, at least.
Yesterday, Blake and I listened to all of our new records and watched The Omen.
I love him a lot, a lot, a lot.

Have a good day :)
xo haley


  1. Maybe you could hand me over some of that Tylenol?? I needed to go home early from uni because of cramps... :( No fun at all!!
    Oh, my. I missed all the good bands at Coachella yesterday because I had to work... :(

    Have a good day. XO.

  2. Madonna performed at Coachella years ago. Just saying.


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